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  • Software Development Company in Miami

    Progatix is a premium provider of software development in Miami building high tech custom solutions that simplify business workflows, enhance team productivity, and minimize operational costs.


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    Leveraging cutting-edge coding technologies, a certified team of developers, and our rich experience, we put all the pieces together facilitating your business from product development to final deployment.

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

    • Dell
    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
    • cherry
    • Gramdstream
    • Huwaei
    • fortinet

    Our Software Development Process

    Progatix delivers a highly collaborative & transparent development process, giving your business the agility to harness the competitive edge through digital innovation.

    We begin with a formal ideation & concept planning meeting that visualizes your software concept and allocates relevant resources to the project.

    A detailed scope of work is created to brief the project team to identify software development needs and timelines for delivery.

    Our design team crafts distinct UX & UI for your software inspired by your brand, customers, and industry.

    The Progatix development team goes to work employing your chosen tech stack to build several iterations of your software, combining the best of all to create a quality solution.

    Our QA & testing professionals go to work and continually test your software iterations to eliminate bugs, errors, and other issues to accomplish a stable version.

    We deploy our DevOps engineers to install your software, train your team, and monitor the solution for reliability, stability, security, and functionality.

    Innovation Driven Software Development Services in Miami

    Progatix is one of the fastest growing software companies in Miami, with the mission to innovate businesses through remarkable software technology. Our growth-led culture enables us to offer a comprehensive suite of custom development services, providing you all solutions for critical challenges under one roof.

    Adaptable custom software development for Miami businesses including breakthrough ERP systems, intuitive CRM applications, mobility tools, and other modular solutions.

    Flexible cloud-based web applications built for business agility, knowledge sharing, team collaboration and timely customer service.

    Fully responsive & aesthetically pleasing mobile applications built for interactive customer experiences, real time data insights, and revenue optimization.

    Tactical digital consultancy backed by 20 years of experience from certified business analysts, project managers, and software developers.

    Professional QA testing solutions for legacy & custom-built software to validate functionality, security, responsiveness, coding errors, bugs, and stability.

    World class DevOps professionals are available on demand for your unique development, support, maintenance, prototyping, re-engineering, and legacy system migration requirements

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    Hire a Dexterous Software Developer in Miami

    Progatix offers top tech companies in Miami the freedom to concentrate on growing their business as we build inventive custom software to streamline their entire operation. As one of the most progressive development companies in Miami we offer access to certified front end, back end and full stack professionals who understand the local economy & its unique demands.


    Next-Gen Services for Software Development in Miami

    We endeavor to be the leading software development company in Miami, and to accomplish this we have developed an outstanding service process facilitated by our vast experience, a culture of learning & knowledge sharing, and immense personalization for our partners.

    • Strategic Concept Planning & Solution Consultancy
    • Fabulous UX & UI Designing
    • High Tech Custom Software Development
    • Innovation driven QA testing & Compliance
    • World Class Tech Support & Software Maintenance
    • On Demand DevOps Engineering Solutions

    Progatix is actively assisting organizations across more than 25 industry verticals, enabling work flows through highly intuitive custom software. Our most popular solutions include multiple responsive websites, alluring UX designs, a signature ERP system, business mobility tools, adaptable web applications, and branded end-user mobile applications.


    Why Choose Us for your Software Development in Miami

    Being one of the leading Miami tech companies we offer your business terrific benefits when you choose us as your dedicated software development provider.

    • 20+ years of growth sparking custom software development experience
    • A resolute team of 100+ developers, designers, project managers & analysts
    • A certified team of proficient full stack, font-end and back-end developers
    • Proficiency with over 18 coding technologies including C++, CSS, PHP, Python, Java, Java Script, Go, Angular, React and many more
    • Dedicated project manager for each unique project
    • A self-evolving collaborative culture of knowledge sharing and learning
    • Expert automatic & manual software testing professionals
    • Post deployment support, training and maintenance
    • Extremely budget friendly services for small, medium & large enterprises
    • Solutions powered by Amazon Web Services
    • Certified Microsoft Gold Partners

    Benefits Of Software Development For Miami Businesses

    Our state-of-the-art custom software solutions offer organizations multiple benefits that accelerate their growth.

    Your custom software is distinctly built for your processes and addresses your core business needs; it is very flexible to easily customize and add functionality for your enterprise.

    Our solutions are personalized to address the growing needs of your audiences.

    Our cloud-based and on-premises solutions are secured with leading tech to ensure both data security & privacy.

    Progatix custom solutions are designed to integrate with legacy tech and 3rd party software easily.

    Your software is built to scale with your business, powered by vast customization.

    Your proprietary software is yours to own and is highly reliable when delivered, unlike limited feature off-the-shelf solutions.


    How Much Does Software Development Cost In Miami?

    Our team identified that custom software could cost between $15,000 and $60,000 in Miami for a limited-feature product. For more elaborately designed, fully functional, full-featured, stable, and secure software, the cost can be between $30,000 & $150,000.

    Connect with our team to discuss your new project and how much it may cost.


    The Potential Of Software Development In Miami

    Miami offers great potential for software development and digital transformation with its vast business ecosystem. The great aspect of Miami’s economic landscape is the region’s tendency to adapt to change and innovation.

    With a mix of healthcare, financial, educational, services, and retail businesses, Miami has great potential for software & application development. For instance, on-demand applications for iOS & Android users can be invaluable in converting & engage customers for service providers like lawyers, doctors, wellness experts, trainers, etc.

    As big data and machine learning gain popularity, software development can assist businesses in harnessing the power of data analytics through ERP & CRM applications. Leveraging insights from customer & business data can identify new features, products, services, and add-ons that businesses can offer. Data analytics can also identify inconsistencies, resource wastage, and areas of improvement for businesses.

    Best Software Development Company in Miami

    At Progatix, our vision is to trigger business growth through information & technology. We persevere to deliver world-class services, aiming to become the best software development company in Miami.

    We certify our solutions through meticulous software testing & QA, guaranteeing the quality of our solutions. In addition, we have a very peculiar culture of “being curious” & “learning through failure,” enabling us to make mistakes and constantly try new ways of accomplishing tasks.

    What Customer Says About Our Miami Software Development Services

    • Garden Christine

      Progatix built and integrated my HR management system allowing my team impeccable versatility. The sales team can sign-in from anywhere, payroll is integrated into the software, and retirement benefits are automatically calculated. We can use Microsoft suite with the inbuilt business intelligence module for reports & analysis, giving us a much needed edge against our competitors. We never have to manage the backend of the software, and there’s always quality support from their team, we are delighted with the software.

    • Elizabeth Hauser

      I initially began using the retail management system by Progatix for my grocery store. It’s a simple web based software, and requires no hardware except my phone or laptop. They installed a bar code system so keeping inventory is simple than ever, my family can easily process sales, take inventory, manage bills, and apply taxes through the automated system. The company provides extensive support to ensure the application is operating fine and they always notify about new updates, recommended provider.

    • Daneil Hernandez

      My tourism service has simply gotten better after Progatix updated my new website. I have been able to showcase my tours, post videos through social networks, connect directly with customers, and take payments online. Much of my increased revenue comes from foreign tourists who have viewed the website, and booking tours has become even easier for both me and my audiences.


    All Your Essential Miami Custom Software Development Questions Answered

    Generally, a custom software development process depends on its features and functionality. A custom project can take between 6 to 14 months to complete depending on various factors. A minimum viable product with minimal features & functionality can be developed between 4 to 10 months.

    Custom software development depends on a number of factors including development hours, design and features needed etc.

    Yes, once your solution has been deployed in your organization our DevOps team provides thorough training, offer timely support, and routine maintenance to keep your software in optimal condition, while keeping your team up to date with all software features & functionality.

    Custom software development is the designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software of intelligent software & applications built for specific business, users, or purpose.


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