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    Progatix has been at the forefront of PHP development for over two decades, powering businesses through our cutting-edge solutions across 20+ industries. Assisted by a prolific team of certified PHP developers, our innovative PHP development services deliver better brand visibility, enhanced customer engagement, simplified buyer journeys, and optimized team productivity.

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    Choose The Optimal Service Delivery Model

    As a dedicated PHP software development company, we offer specialist service models to ensure affordable and premium quality digital solutions.

    All-Inclusive PHP Software Development Services

    Our team provides you with an all-inclusive solutions suite from project planning to deployment. Led by a fantastic team of experienced business analysts, project managers, PHP developers, testing experts, and DevOps engineers, we persevere in solving all your business challenges under one roof.

    PHP Development Team Augmentation

    We assign certified PHP software developers to work in collaboration with your existing teams. By providing you with data-driven insights, adding remarkable professional experience, and augmenting industry best practices, we help create unique enterprise grade solutions that improve competitiveness.

    Specialist PHP Software Development Team

    We assign a proficient team of PHP developers, UI & UX designers, testing & QA experts, and DevOps engineers for legacy system migrations. We work as your offshore team, assisting the development of world-class services while you focus on business.

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    Our PHP Software Development Services

    Progatix provides organizations a one-stop solution for all their digital development needs powered by a certified team, leading PHP development technologies & frameworks, and innovation-driven best practices.

    Software & Application Consulting

    Professional advice for the planning, development, migration, and management of PHP websites & software.

    Custom PHP Application Development

    From ERP to CRM and other custom applications, premium custom software is built with leading PHP frameworks to solve organizational challenges and address critical needs.

    Content Management System Development

    Dynamic custom CMS development to enable enterprise websites with interactive elements and simplified management.

    >h3>API Development & Integration

    Fully tested PHP API development to combine multiple business software within an elaborate dashboard.

    Custom Websites & Web Portals

    High-performance ecommerce websites & portals designed for vast functionality, seamless user experiences and decorated with customer-focused UI.

    Custom Back-end Development

    Robust back-end development to power websites with dynamic HTML code making them fully responsive, secure, and functional.


    Our PHP Software Development Process

    Progatix has established a strategic PHP software development process guided by seasoned professionals and prominent agile management methodologies. Our expedient process places us as one of the best PHP software development companies in the USA, EU, and Asia.

    Progatix business analysis & project management teams conduct detailed project consultancy sessions to determine the unique needs & challenges of enterprises that our PHP development service will resolve.

    A professional project manager is assigned to every unique project to create a tactful scope of work and conduct a detailed brief with their assigned team of PHP developers, testing experts, and DevOps engineers.

    Our PHP development & testing teams go to work on the project, building an error-free solution with greater adaptability, security, and functionality.

    As soon as the code is ready, our testing & QA experts begin performing meticulously testing the code for errors, bugs, and other limitations.

    Our team delivers a fully functional MVP for deployment and continues working on improving the desired outcomes by providing timely support, training, and maintenance.


    Benefits of Hiring PHP Web Developers from Progatix

    Progatix hosts a talented roster of certified PHP developers well-versed with popular development tools and vastly experienced with custom web & software development. Our team has had the opportunity to work both as an on-shore & offshore partner with enterprises of differing sizes. Our talented PHP development team offers you remarkable value that allow harnessing competitive edge.


    Benefits of Using PHP

    PHP is regarded as one of the most business-focused, flexible, and dexterous languages in the software world. Offering unique functionalities coupled with outstanding add-ons and an open-source license, PHP development services are globally preferred by both agencies & freelance developers across the world.

    PHP development solutions are considered highly cost-effective thanks to their open-source license, allowing developers to work without limitations.

    Termed a procedural & object-oriented programming language, PHP is a time-effective solution with advantages including reusable code and a variety of frameworks built with unique functionalities.

    Its multiplatform nature makes PHP one of the easiest development choices, with the ability to execute over Linux, UNIX, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

    Other Software Development Technologies We Serve

    We are the best software development company in USA with an illustrious history, a professionally certified team, and a cutting-edge process that enhances business growth through revolutionary PHP Web applications.


    Hire Top PHP Developers

    Progatix offers an immensely experienced team of PHP developers to facilitate projects based on their unique full-stack, front-end, and back-end expertise. Our top-tier PHP development team is highly adept at developing the server-side back-end for web applications, developing & integrating plug-ins for different frameworks, integrating 3rd party web services, and connecting the front end with applications.

    As a leading PHP software development company Progatix follows breakthrough agile project management methodologies. Our first priority is exceeding customer expectations through consistent service delivery and adding value to enterprises. We harness agile management to instill competitive advantage in our partner organizations, allowing them to focus on operations as we craft inventive digital solutions to facilitate business teams.


    Reasons To Choose Us For PHP Development Services

    Progatix is a renowned PHP software development company in USA, Europe & Asia, with a decorated portfolio of 1500+ websites, web portals, custom software, and smartphone applications powering organizations across the world.

    • Two decades of decorated history of developing custom software, websites, and applications
    • 100+ team of developers, designers, and software testing professionals
    • Over 50 PHP Development solutions delivered
    • Agile project management
    • Expertise with different PHP frameworks & database tech
    • Cloud services powered by Amazon Web Services
    • A highly transparent & collaborative development process
    • Robust software testing & quality assurance
    • Proficiency with over 18 other coding technologies
    • Deployed custom software solutions across 20+ industry verticals

    The Best and Most Used PHP Frameworks

    PHP is open source and allows developers to customize their own signature frameworks. With a variety of specialized micro & macro-level frameworks, PHP software development services offer great versatility, functionalities, and adaptability for businesses. Some of the best and most used PHP frameworks include

    Laravel is an expressive PHP framework designed for web application development, following MVC architecture and built over Symfony.

    Symfony is open-source PHP framework & reusable libraries designed to develop high-performance web applications.

    CodeIgniter is a powerful rapid development PHP framework built to develop dynamic websites.

    CAKE PHP is a structured rapid development framework designed to create web applications fast.

    Yii is a high-performance object-oriented PHP framework built for security & efficiency when building large-scale web applications using MVC architecture.

    Phalcon is a powerful PHP web server extension designed to optimize execution speed, reduce resource usage, and handle multiple requests/second for web applications.


    What is PHP and why should you choose PHP for Software Development?

    PHP, also known as personal homepage hypertext preprocessor, is an open-source general-purpose coding language widely used for web development and is used in conjunction with HTML.

    The most popular reason organizations choose PHP for their back-end development is its open-source license. Distributed with a General Public License, the PHP framework is free to use and hence very attractive for business budgets.

    What makes Progatix the best PHP Software Development Company?

    We are a world-renowned PHP software company with a digital footprint across USA, Europe, and Asia. Over the last 2 decades, Progatix has partnered with global enterprises of varying sizes, delivering groundbreaking PHP development services across 20+ industries worldwide.

    Our extensive experience has enabled us to build a plethora of custom websites, ERP & CRM systems, Chat Bots, web portals, mobile applications, and other solutions that streamline business operations. Our breakthrough customer-facing apps & websites are already supporting businesses to optimize their ROI, simplify customer services, enhance customer engagement, and improve customer experiences in the process.

    We have assembled a remarkably talented team of certified PHP developers, building a distinct culture fueled by teamwork, empathy, curiosity, and learning from failure. Our professional team also consists of prolific testing & QA experts, project managers, and business advisors to ensure you get an all-inclusive service experience.

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    All Your Essential Custom PHP Software Development Services Questions Answered

    The exact cost of a PHP software development solution can vary depending on multiple factors, including developer hours, the tech stack chosen, the number of changes requested, secure frameworks required, functionality & features, and other important elements of the process.

    Connect with our business advisors today to get an exact estimate for your PHP project.

    PHP development timelines can vary depending on different factors, including changes required, MVP development deadlines, features added, functionality demanded, security features requested, and others. Get in touch with our business advisory & project management team to get an exact timeline for your project.

    We are a leading PHP software development company in the USA, Europe, and Asia with a defined quality assurance/testing process that guarantees the security and stability of our solutions. Our development process uses progressive development benchmarks, including secure coding languages, SSL & encryption, routine updates & maintenance, and enacting strict control & access rules to keep solutions secure.

    Yes, we are a full-service PHP software development company with an outstanding team of DevOps engineers who deploy solutions, provide support & training, and conduct routine maintenance to keep solutions optimized.

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

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    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
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    • Gramdstream
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