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  • Manufacturing Software Development Company

    Progatix is an accomplished manufacturing software development company with a prestigious history of developing intuitive solutions for manufacturing enterprises.


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    Premiere Industrial Automation & Expertise To Energize Manufacturing Business

    Our signature manufacturing software development services are built to streamline operations, simplify supply chain management, facilitate distribution, optimize industrial productivity, and minimize operational costs. Our complete digital solutions offer the versatility for manufacturers to efficiently plan, execute, and manage the entire product lifecycle.

    We have previously developed custom erp software to assist manufacturing businesses in automating inventory management, production tracking, task scheduling, and manage comprehensive lifecycle management. Progatix’s custom manufacturing software solutions introduce automation to legacy systems, enabling businesses to upgrade workflows & support employees.

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

    • Dell
    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
    • cherry
    • Gramdstream
    • Huwaei
    • fortinet

    Build High-Quality Custom Software For Your Manufacturing Business

    The primary goal of our automation software is to optimize manufacturing enterprise efficiency and instil economies of scale within the process. By centralizing data management, unifying all manufacturing functions, and accommodating all tasks within a single UI, we give your business the power to streamline itself.

    Our specialized software development for the manufacturing industry promotes effective customer communication with leading client management tools or CRM. Vast customization & personalization allows us to easily embed essential functions needed to effectively communicate and collaborate with customers, redefining limits through innovation.

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    Premium Manufacturing Software Development Services Progatix Offers

    Our premium manufacturing software development services include a value-driven line-up of services that simplify, automate, and economize your manufacturing processes.


    Optimization of Your Manufacturing Business Operations

    Growing competition demands that manufacturing enterprises constantly innovate their technological foundations to maintain a competitive edge. Software is not only a driver of innovation in the industrial sector but also enables businesses to develop new ways to accomplish tasks, simplify mundane processes, and optimize staff productivity.

    Optimizing manufacturing business operations is critical since this is where you discover ideal solutions for your unique industrial process challenges. Reviewing manufacturing processes to minimize losses, improve cost control, reduce process errors, and staff productivity can provide important insight into optimizing your entire operation.

    Leading Edge Custom Manufacturing Software Solutions

    Over the years, Progatix has been privileged to craft fantastic manufacturing & industrial software to enhance process efficiency, staff productivity, and organizational growth.

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    Our Approach to Custom Manufacturing Software Development

    Our cloud-based custom manufacturing software solutions are exclusively designed to empower your organization to achieve more with less. Primarily our software development for the manufacturing industry seeks to monitor and optimize manufacturing efficiency.

    We accelerate your manufacturing process with remarkable analytical tools using machine learning, assisting your team to improve your business processes backed by data continuously.


    Benefits of Manufacturing Software Development Services

    Progatix’s manufacturing software development services facilitate your organization by embedding the benefits that optimize your operations. Some of the most prominent advantages that our manufacturing software developers have identified include the following:

    • Optimized Manufacturing Process – Our manufacturing software development solutions streamline resource allotment, production planning, inventory management, team management, and more.
    • Improved Product Quality – Monitor defects and deviations in production to improve the overall quality supported by real-time data & analytics.
    • Decreased Downtimes & Interruptions – Identify problems and prevent damage to machinery, reduce unwanted downtimes based on machine learning.
    • Centralized Data Sharing – Centralized data sharing for instant access, reporting and analysis to make more informed decisions and empowered staff.

    Our Manufacturing Software Development Process

    Over the years, we have established a well-organized & careful development process to ensure you get a powerful solution to your business challenges. Over twenty successful years, we have had the opportunity to build several manufacturing software development solutions for our partners across different industries.

    We begin with a detailed consultancy with you and your team to understand the needs, challenges, and ideas behind your manufacturing software. During the ideation phase, we determine your essential needs, the functionality of the solution, and the resources required to build it.

    The development team begins work on your solution with the approval of the UX & UI design. We constantly collaborate with your team sharing new iterations of the software and changes that may need your consent.

    Our design team begin work on your software’s user interface and user experience, creating highly engaging designs that reflect your brand and appeal to your team.

    The Progatix testing & QA team continuously test your software’s code to ensure it is stable, secure, reliable, and compliant with necessary regulations. Our team conducts a mix of automatic & manual testing techniques assuring the highest quality software.

    Once your software is ready, our DevOps team deploys it across your organization. We also assist your team through relevant training, support, and routine maintenance to keep your systems secure.

    Software Development for Manufacturing Industry

    Progatix is a specialist manufacturing software development company helping industrial organizations optimize performance and staff productivity. Our manufacturing software developers aim to equip your system with the most crucial functionality, leading to cost efficiency, process effectiveness, and enhanced team collaboration.

    Our premium manufacturing software development solutions enhance the effectiveness of the back office while improving the overall efficiency of manufacturing operations. With two decades of experience working with small, medium and large industrial partners, we have the distinct advantage of understanding your organization’s daily challenges.

    Our custom manufacturing software solutions integrated cutting-edge teaching, including cloud, AI, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile tech, machine learning and data analytics to enhance the efficiency of your entire operation.


    Technologies our Manufacturing Software Developers Work On

    Progatix is a leading manufacturing software development company in the US offering a talented team of 100+ full stack, front end, and back end developers capable of handling a diverse tech stack.

    Other Industries We Serve

    Over the last twenty years, we have had the opportunity to partner with organizations of varying sizes across different industry verticals. From startups & SMBs to more complex corporate enterprises, our proficient team of manufacturing software developers have built comprehensive customized systems that respond to the growing needs of industrial businesses.


    Why Choose Progatix For Custom Manufacturing Software Development?

    We are pioneers in the software development industry, established across three continents, and have over 1000+ custom software projects completed in various industries.

    • 20+ years of prestigious software development experience
    • 15 years of experience developing manufacturing solutions for seven different industries
    • Proven record of working with Azure, Node, Java, Python, PHP, and 18 other coding technologies.
    • 100+ in-house software developers & engineers – Full Stack, Front End & Back End
    • Vastly experienced design team to create appealing UX and UI to reflect your business branding
    • A progressive project management team experienced with manufacturing software, including those for hybrid mobile apps, desktop software, and web solutions
    • Experience in creating custom software for 20+ industry verticals

    What Customer Says About Our Manufacturing Software Development Services

    • Daniel Whalen

      1. They truly are an “all-inclusive” digital service company. I contacted them five years ago to build my business website, and three years later, they developed my inventory management software. The website is still managed by Progatix, and the software is also maintained by their DevOps engineer. Excellent customer service and the founders are always calling me up to check up on performance; brilliant company from my experience.

    • Tom Geairn

      2. I approached Progatix to build a very basic enterprise resource planning software 3 years ago, just when the coronavirus pandemic began. They completed the project within seven months, and I was happy with the cost of the system too. The project lead was simply outstanding; their collaboration is five stars in my book. A great experience working with Hasan Imran, too; the man knows his tech. Thank you team Progatix for an amazing experience and solution.

    • Enoch Rasmussen

      3. Progatix built extensive ERP software for my multiple plastic goods factories. Although it took a while, I was satisfied with the result, and they never went over budget during the process. I really like their support; they are always available even though in a different time zone. The company owners routinely collect my feedback, and they regularly patch the software; truly impressed!


    All Your Essential Custom Manufacturing Software Development Questions Answered

    We design various software for the manufacturing industry. Some of our popular solutions include order management, inventory management, product management, and ERP software.

    Our custom manufacturing software takes between 7 and 12 months to develop, depending on the various changes required.


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