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  • Software Development Company in Los Angeles

    Innovation driven custom software & applications built to the unique needs of your business and customer preferences.


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    Progatix has quickly transitioned into an inspiring software company in Los Angeles, powering entire enterprises with our inventive business solutions & digital consultancy services. Backed by 2 decades of reputable development experience, along with our professional team, we transform your business with feature rich technological solutions.

    Our customized software energizes your business by minimizing operational costs, enhancing productivity, simplifying processes, automating tasks, and delighting your customers.

    LA is the second-largest U.S. city by population and is regarded as The Entertainment Capitol of The World. The city of Angels is mostly dependent on tourism for its businesses and workforce. Over the year, the city has, however, developed a business district from 4th to 8th streets, namely Olive Street, Grand Street, Hope Street, Flower Street, and Figueroa Street.

    Downtown is generally divided into districts named after the activities within them. For instance, the historical district that hosts arts, civic center, fashion, and banking districts. Amazon, Google, Apple, Cognizant, IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft head offices are also located in L.A.

    The city is also host to a lovely coast line in the south while there is remarkable scenic beauty in the north. Los Angeles is also home to hundreds of service providers, including doctors, consultants, agents, lawyers, and other professionals. In addition, there is a massive tourism industry full of tour companies, restaurants, malls, high street brand outlets, and interesting activities like clubs, sports bars, and spas.

    Progatix has quickly grown into one of the most prominent custom software development providers enabling Los Angeles businesses with on-demand hybrid mobile apps for customers and ERP solutions for professionals, retail, and restaurants. Our services include software development & design, website development & design, digital transformation consultancy, database management, software testing & Q.A., and I.T. project management solutions.

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

    • Dell
    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
    • cherry
    • Gramdstream
    • Huwaei
    • fortinet

    Growth Driven Software Development Services

    We are one of the fastest growing software companies in Los Angeles, courtesy of our end-to-end services suite.

    Marvelous business software solutions built to the unique requirements of every business by our certified developers & aspiring designers.

    Flexible web applications designed to the specific needs of business providing easy access, database centralization, versatility, and information security.

    Full responsive mobile solutions crafted with in-depth research, cutting edge tools, and leading industry best practices to give your customers a memorable service experience.

    Conduct comprehensive software audits, pinpoint security issues, customize features, and migrate databases to the cloud, with our exclusive legacy software migration services.

    Hire dedicated development professionals to manage your enterprise software, conduct security audits, customize features, perform maintenance, and identify upgrades.

    Timely support and routine maintenance performed by our certified professionals to ensure process optimization, error free use, and business continuity.

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    Hire the Leading Software Development Company in Los Angeles

    At Progatix we aspire to be the leading software development provider for Los Angeles businesses. Our 360-degree digital transformation services enable us to evaluate every aspect of organizations to determine the optimal capabilities of any custom software solution.

    Our project management team conducts comprehensive research to determine the ideal tech stack & development architectures, security frameworks, and resources to successfully accomplish your software project.

    Facilitated by an outstanding design team, we emphasize the UX & UI elements to make them as appealing and engaging as possible. To improve usability our designers, take inspiration from leading industry solutions, giving you a stellar product design.

    When partnering with Progatix you can be assured of cost-effective service delivery along with the efficiency that our solutions deliver. Our teams deliver a mission driven process strictly adherent to timelines ensuring it complies with your budget, using the ideal tools for your project.

    We test and retest custom software rigorously assuring its functionality, stability, and security. To certify the performance of our premium solutions, our support experts stay by your side even after deployment to deliver timely assistance and, fix minor bugs & error.


    A World Class Software Development Process

    Progatix is a continuous learning web development company for Los Angeles, evolving & improving our services to stay ahead of the herd. Empowered by certified professionals, we follow a time bound, budget-friendly, and collaborative development process for all projects.

    A primary concept planning meeting determines your custom software needs, with a dedicated project manager evaluating your requirements. Our analysts expand on your ideas, identify the best coding infrastructures & platforms, ascertain budget limits, and create timelines for your project.

    A detailed scope of work is developed assigning relevant resources to the project and schedules their tasks accordingly. Your dedicated project lead will identify preferred communication tools, define reporting hierarchies, and progress reporting formats, simplifying it into a highly transparent process.

    The Progatix design team employs their vast experience & industry knowledge to create fantastic user interfaces and a convenient user experience that appeals to your staff.

    The software development team goes to work on your project to first develop a MVP, fine tuning its modules to create a powerful business optimization software.

    Our certified software testing professionals rigorously pilot tests your software throughout the development and final deployment phases using both dummy & real time data.

    After your new software is integrated, Progatix support engineers stay with you to deliver essential training and instant support so your team can conveniently utilize the solution at optimal performance levels.

    Progatix the Leading Choice for Custom Software Development in Los Angeles

    Regarded as one of the fastest growing custom software development companies in Los Angeles, we offer a unique work culture, successful best practices and hands-on collaboration to provide you with an immensely personalized service experience.

    Along with vast customization of software & design, we excel in delivering a highly personalized experience to you and your team. From primary consultancy to complete solution deployment a dedicated project manager is assigned to your project to assure close interactions and personal attention to your needs.

    As a premium software development provider for Los Angeles enterprises, Progatix hosts a remarkable team of front end, back end, and full stack developers well versed in over 18 different coding technologies. Furthermore, a fabulous design team is available to you to create first-rate designs to give your solution the perfect aesthetics.

    We pride ourselves on establishing a self-sustaining culture of collaboration. Allowing our teams to partner with your organization, we enable developers, designers, and testing experts to embrace the values of your brand, elevating the success of your custom software.

    From startups to multi-national corporations, we have had the privilege of partnering with different sizes & types of businesses. Working across 25 challenging industries our budget friendly solutions are built to enhance your ROI and operational cost efficiency.


    How Much Does Software Development Cost In Los Angeles?

    Custom software development within Los Angeles can cost between $25,000 and $150,000 for a minimum viable app with only essential features and minimal design. A full-featured, stable, and functional app can cost between $50,000 and $500,000.

    Custom software development is dependent on several factors, including the development hours, changes requested, features & functionality demanded, and the tech stack chosen for the project.

    Connect with our business development team today to learn more about our software development pricing and how we can assist you in developing an award-winning solution.

    Hire Top Software Developers In Los Angeles

    At Progatix, we have assembled a highly experienced team of developers in Los Angeles to ensure superior satisfaction and customer success. Our 100+ development team offers a mix of expertise while offering software development with over 20 tech stacks.

    Progatix developers are versed in leading tech, including PHP, Java, C, C++, HTML, CSS, Cordova, Apache, NODE.JS, .NET Framework, Swift, Flutter, XCode, React, ReactNative, and many others. Our development team is also proficient with database tech, including MongoDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostGre SQL.

    The Progatix development team is always ready to assist you throughout the project, welcoming your input throughout the software development lifecycle. We stay in touch with you, constantly updating you on progress and collaborating through leading tools, including Xoom, Slack, WhatsApp Web, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams depending on your enterprise’s solution.


    The Potential of Software Development in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles remains one of the largest local economies within the U.S., hosting a very lucrative mix of small, medium, and enterprise-scale businesses. The potential for software development and digital transformation within the city is massive.

    Post-COVID-19 digital services have become a prevalent norm within the U.S. as organizations move towards a more hybrid business model. Smartphone apps & web applications are increasingly gaining popularity among customers of almost all sectors of Los Angeles.

    As A.I. & machine learning become trending technologies, entrepreneurs and corporations are constantly looking for assistance from big data analytics. Harnessing the insights from large data sets is becoming very important for businesses to make sound decisions to improve their services, add new features, and transform themselves into hybrid organizations serving both online and through physical locations.

    Benefits Of Software Development For Los Angeles Businesses

    Our leading custom development solutions offer great benefits to enterprises, including:

    Your custom software is your unique proprietary solution, built for your specific business & industry. You can always have your software functions & features upgraded as per changing business needs.

    Over the last few years, customers have begun to demand personalization when interacting with businesses.

    Custom software provides better security for your system and your databases. Compared to the shelf alternative with minimal security and privacy features, a custom solution delivers more flexibility to add more protection to the software.

    Custom software is easier to integrate with existing systems, especially with legacy tech.

    The custom software can be scaled to reflect the growth of your business. While off-the-shelf software requires higher subscription costs, your custom software will only require a few upgrades.

    Custom software is more secure and highly reliable since you own it, and it is designed solely for your organization. We routinely perform maintenance and upgrade your security to ensure great performance and stability of your software.

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    Why choose Progatix for Los Angeles Software Development

    We are an innovation-driven software development company in Dallas with an established foundation and an accomplished team.

    • 20 years of strategic software development experience
    • 100+ team of certified developers, designers, testing experts, and business analysts
    • Proficiency with more than 15 front end, back end, and mobile development technologies
    • Vast customization to future proof software
    • A collaborative culture of teamwork
    • Dedicated project managers for personalized service delivery
    • Certified Microsoft Gold Partner
    • Solutions powered by Amazon Web Services
    • Budget friendly solutions for small, medium & large-scale enterprises
    • Fastest project completion compared to competing IT companies in San Francisco
    • Post deployment testing and quality assurance
    • Value-added support & training for your software
    • One stop digital solutions on demand under one roof

    Best Software Development Company in Los Angeles

    We aspire to be the best software development company in Los Angeles and to accomplish that. We bring a prestigious portfolio, a massively talented team, state-of-the-art tech stacks, and a collaborative culture.

    To stay head-to-head with the leading development providers in the U.S., our teams are managed by professional project leads. Progatix offers a promising software development solutions, digital transformation consultancy, project management services, mobile application development, digital design, software testing, and DevOps engineering services to provide you with all the help under one roof.

    What Customer Says About Our Los Angeles Software Development Services

    • Daniel Hernandez

      My grocery store suffered during COVID19 lockdowns, with customers refraining from walking to the store anymore. I found inspiration in Walmart’s mobile app and searched for several local development providers, with cost the top factor. The Progatix business team recommended going with an ecommerce website instead of an app so customers wouldn’t need to download an app. My new website is easily accessible plus it displays my complete inventory, and I can book grocery deliveries directly on my tablet. The engineers are so helpful they trained me how to use the service, it’s been an excellent experience working with Progatix

    • Daniel Hernandez

      My recruitment agency needed a strategic tool to handle multiple aspects as it grew. My team needed tech to make work less hectic, and a system that would be cost effective in the long run. Progatix designed a fantastic ERP + CRM tool for my team that not only manages candidate data in one place but also connects it to a searchable database for employers. The Progatix team has given amazing support and training, allowing us to include new features to the software. I am happy with the product and outstanding support

    • Jon Eberle

      As an established private security company we had a large customer base and the need to organize the service process was urgent. I met the founders of Progatix through one of my customers who had hired them for an app project. These guys are real pros, they provided me a strategic toolkit of services including a website, digital marketing strategies, and a CRM. We have experienced considerable brand recognition, and improved customer satisfaction through the CRM. All that with the one-time cost outlay is exactly what we needed, you are maestros.


    All Your Essential Los Angeles Software Development Questions Answered

    Generally, a custom software development process depends on its features and functionality. A custom project can take between 6 to 14 months to complete depending on various factors. A minimum viable product with minimal features & functionality can be developed between 4 to 9 months

    Custom software development depends on a number of factors including development hours, design, features needed etc.

    Yes, once your solution has been deployed in your organization our DevOps team provides thorough training, offer timely support, and routine maintenance to keep your software in optimal condition, while keeping your team up to date with all software features & functionality.

    Custom software development is the designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software of intelligent software & applications built for specific business, users, or purpose.


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