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    Progatix has spearheaded premium professional services software development solutions. Our state-of-the-art software is designed to personalize the enterprise management experience. It facilitates professional service businesses to simplify their workflows, induces cost savings, enhances staff productivity, and delivers valuable data insights.


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    Software development for professional services remains one of the essential tools to manage a successful organization in today’s global economy.

    With multiple tools for project management, taxation, inventory, HR, collaboration, task management, BI (business intelligence), and time management, it is essential to have a unifying system that synchronizes all of the others in one interface.

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

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    Professional Solutions with Cutting-Edge Technology for Service Enterprises

    Progatix is one of the earliest custom professional services software development companies with a decorated history of developing cutting-edge software for the professional services sector since 2003.

    With cloud-based data storage and intuitive AI functionalities assisting your business, our professional software development services enable you to deliver service precisely while making data-driven decisions derived through real-time information. Your teams can easily automate routine tasks and focus more on complex ones without compromising cost efficiency and productivity.


    Custom Professional Consulting Services

    In addition to our professional services and software development solutions, Progatix offers a winning lineup of expert software consultancy services designed to plan, organize, implement, and manage software across organizations. Every one of our 1000+ projects has begun with a professional consultancy.

    Tech Stack Consulting – Our DevOps, project management, and business analysis team conducts a comprehensive audit of your existing tech stack, identifying if it is adequate and secure and recommending an end-to-end improvement action plan.

    Software Upgrade & Redesign – Our professional services software developers assess your existing software architecture identifying prevalent issues & failings that are limiting growth. Our team redesigns the coding architecture to enhance security, reliability, flexibility, and stability.

    Professional Services Software Consulting – We conduct a detailed consultancy session to identify your business needs, challenges, and shortcomings. The Progatix project team identifies ideal resources and a roadmap needed to develop your custom professional service software.

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    Software Development for the Professional Services Sector

    Software Development for the Professional Services Sector We believe in revolutionizing business through innovative technology. Our team enables your professional services enterprise with an array of solutions customized to the unique needs & challenges of your organization.

    AI-powered & cloud-based software built for the unique needs of your professional services organization.

    High-performance, on-demand cloud-powered software accessible via the web, enhancing remote operations while simplifying workflows.

    Highly responsive & appealing native and cross-platform mobile applications to address the growing mobility needs of your professional service business.

    Our professional DevOps team seamlessly integrates your various systems, providing your business with premium interoperability of systems. Synchronize cloud-based data, CRM, financials, HR, taxation, and more into one unified dashboard.

    Our expert consultants analyze and strategize an effective testing & QA plan to ensure your software, tech stack, and automation solutions are secure, stable, reliable, and error-free.


    Technologies Our Software Developers Work On

    Premier Software Development Solutions for Professional Services

    Our professional service software development solutions are exclusively designed to offer service enterprises the ability to develop highly secure & intuitive software to enhance customer satisfaction and team performance.

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

    High-performance ERP systems customized for professional services businesses, including school, real estate, legal, accounting, retail, fitness, healthcare, and marketing consultancy management solutions

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

    Cloud-powered CRM built to enhance customer engagement, optimize service delivery, close leads faster, improve information sharing, and synchronize sales & marketing teams.

    Team Collaboration & Communication Software

    State-of-the-art collaboration & communication tools customized to enhance coordination between departments, in addition to facilitating cross-functional teams.

    Enterprise Mobility Tools

    Mobile management tools equipped with attendance, HR, marketing, communication, and other features customized for professional service businesses.

    Customer-Facing Mobile Apps

    Aesthetically pleasing customer apps developed to quicken service delivery, improve communications, and optimize the marketing performance of professional service providers.

    Database & Information Management Solutions

    Leading edge cloud & on-premises database management solutions designed to optimize data management and simplify information sharing for professional service providers.

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    Our Software Development Approach & Methodologies

    Progatix aims to exceed expectations in delivering premium quality software development solutions to professional service providers. To accomplish our mission, we offer a range of development approaches to build solutions faster and cost-effectively.

    Agile Development Methodology – Most of our commercial development projects follow agile management principles because of their unique benefits. By developing software in various iterations, supported by partner feedback, we create a functional solution built to the unique needs & challenges of enterprises.

    DevOps Deployment – Progatix strictly adheres to DevOps practices ensuring we offer top-tier custom software solutions. By creating a culture of collaboration, support, and instant communication, we create a unique ecosphere that facilitates the development of high-quality software quicker.

    Waterfall Development – An older development model, Progatix, has historically deployed this model upon the request of our partners. We follow waterfall development in case software must be completed in phases, with each phase requiring 100% completion before the other stage begins.

    Rapid Application Development – Rapid development is also a popular methodology we follow when partnering with startups and SMBs. The low-cost input and faster time to market are the primary reasons this method is demanded by enterprises.


    Benefits of Professional Services Software Development

    Professional Services software development can offer organizations a wide range of benefits, especially in our post-COVID-19 world. As mobility and remote work become norms around the globe, it is critical to have systems in place to manage, organize and monitor workflows.

    Built for Your Business – Progatix develops custom professional service software special to every business, which means all the functionality and features are personalized to meet the individual needs of your service organization.

    Optimize efficiency & productivity – Our cloud-powered solutions are embedded with AI and machine learning, allowing vast automation across your workflows. In addition to simplifying workflows through automation, the software enables your team to accomplish more simultaneously.

    Centralized Databases – We equip your business with centralized databases so your team can access important information at the right time to make informed decisions.

    Other Industries We Serve

    Progatix is a pioneering software development provider with a presence on three continents and proven development experience in more than 20 industrial sectors.


    Why Choose Progatix For Professional Services software development?

    We are a fast-growing professional services software development company in USA, focusing on making businesses more efficient, productive, and secure through innovative technologies. With a prestigious history of developing custom software for professional service providers, here are all the great reasons why we are one of the top service providers on three continents:

    • 20+ years of decorated history of developing custom software
    • 100+ team of developers, designers, and software testing professionals
    • Cloud services powered by Amazon Web Services
    • A highly transparent & collaborative development process
    • Leading edge security frameworks to protect your data & system
    • Proven experience working with public & private sector enterprises
    • Proficiency with over 18 coding technologies
    • Deployed custom software solutions across 20+ industry verticals

    What Customer Says About Our Professional Services Software Development

    • Darryl Kropp

      Progatix designed my IT consultancy CRM which has largely helped me create my client database, market services more effectively, and provide faster customer service. I found their team extremely knowledgeable about the solution, so they definitely built something similar before. They are a really hardworking bunch and were readily available day and night. Excellent work, gentlemen.

    • Alex Steffen

      I was referred to Progatix by one of their previous customers for my website project. As an insurance broker, it becomes very difficult to write up multiple quotes for customers, and Progatix solved it for me by integrating a quote calculator directly on my website. The website itself was so brilliantly designed and developed I was surprised by their talent. I am planning to contract them again for a CRM tool next; keep up the excellent work!

    • Sean Laughlin

      My legal advisory has grown over the last 12 years, and a CRM was necessary. I found Progatix through Google and found their pricing very attractive. Their business analysts are quite convincing, and I’m happy with their team’s performance. The founder, Saami calls me routinely to check up on the performance of their very well-made CRM; they also developed a mobile app for my clients to easily communicate and share documents with my office, and I am delighted with their work.


    All Your Essential Custom Professional Services Software Development Questions Answered

    Professional service software is a solution developed to automate & manage operations, resources, and processes of professional service providers like lawyers, accountants, compliance providers, risk assessors, marketers, advertisers, legal services, etc.

    Yes, Progatix develops B2B & B2C apps for customers and business management.

    Progatix has the expertise and experience to build ERP systems, CRM solutions, automation software for specific functions, and other custom solutions to enhance businesses.

    Custom professional services software can take between 6 to 10 months to build with complete functionality and features. This timeline can escalate to 12 months in case of changes requested.


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