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  • Software Development Company in Arizona

    Progatix is a professional web development & custom software development company in Arizona, with a prestigious global presence since 2015.


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    As one of the top software companies in Arizona we have partnered with businesses of all sizes building fully responsive websites, customized enterprise software, rich feature mobile applications, and alluring UI & UX designs that engage customers.

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

    • Dell
    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
    • cherry
    • Gramdstream
    • Huwaei
    • fortinet

    Stellar Software Solutions by an Innovative Custom Software Development company in Arizona

    As a mission driven web development company in Arizona, we have had the opportunity to partner with small, medium, and large-size businesses, building reliable solutions that modernize entire workflows.

    Our signature solutions include state of the art ERP systems, customer centric CRM software, interactive mobile applications, attractive websites, and leading cloud migrations.

    Leading Edge Software Development Services in Arizona

    An innovation driven web development company in Arizona, Progatix offers businesses an end-to-end solution to digitally transform their entire operation. Our comprehensive toolkit enables your business to ignite growth & sustainability by simplifying in-house operations, enhancing team productivity, minimizing costs, and streamlining customer services.

    Custom software built to the specific requirements of your business enabling you to easily scale to changing trends, adapt to erratic changes, serve customers better, and minimize costs over time.

    Future-proofed web applications crafted to provide your team greater flexibility to serve customers better and faster.

    Lucid mobile apps developed to engage audiences, convert leads, provide customer service, and make marketing easier.

    Consult with a formidable team of analysts & project consultants to validate your unique software concepts, identify ideal digital transformation roadmaps, and build remarkable software that strengthens business continuity.

    We test your legacy systems and new software rigorously to assure a full feature, functional, stable, and secure solutions.

    An on-demand team of DevOps professionals at your disposal for your specialized development, support, maintenance, prototyping, re-engineering, and legacy system migrations. 


    A Refined Software Development Process for Arizona Enterprises

    Progatix prides itself on its top-tier software development process fueled by constant learning and evolving best practices.

    Our process begins with a comprehensive consultancy session that determines your unique business challenges where our business analysis team evaluates your concepts, ideas, and critical needs.

    We proceed with a strategic scope of work that acts as a guide for our design, development and testing teams, enabling them to aptly proceed with your project.

    Our talented development & design teams collaborate to create user centric UX & UI followed by a functional MVP of your solution.

    Once a full feature software variant is developed, our team rigorously tests it with real time data and delivers it for installation.

    After full deployment we stand by your team to provide instant support and training to ensure seamless integration with various functional units.

    Our prolific project management & business analysis teams continuously keep you informed through regular communications, allowing you to provide input at every step of the development process.


    Why Progatix for Software Development in Arizona?

    Progatix is one of the fastest growing software development companies in Arizona complemented by our marvelous team and prodigious experience. We are also among the few software companies in Arizona serving across 3 continents.

    • 20+ years of growth fueling custom software development experience across Arizona and more than 20 US cities.   
    • A certified team of 100+ developers & designers
    • Professional full stack, font-end and back-end developers dedicated for every project
    • Excellence working with 18+ coding technologies including C++, CSS, PHP, Python, Java, Java Script, Go, Angular, React and more 
    • Dedicated project managers for every account
    • A collaborative culture of knowledge sharing and learning
    • Certified software testing professionals
    • Post-deployment software support and maintenance
    • Cost friendly solutions for SMBs & large-size businesses
    • Cloud services powered by Amazon Web Services 

    Progatix promises Arizona business owners more than premium software development, design & testing. We persevere to deliver a highly transparent, collaborative, and value driven process focused on your unique needs.

    A project manager is dedicated to your project, making them the central point of contact for all changes, new requirements, and communication. Project leads provide you with routine development updates and provide additional insight for improvements to the project.

    Our certified software testing professionals rigorously test the software for inconsistencies, errors, and other failings to assure a quality solution. Once the QA testing team validates the completed product, it is delivered for final deployment.

    To affirm a premium quality standard for our DevOps engineers, provide on-going support and training to your team. We hold true to our service promise of innovating your business workflows, also providing routine maintenance to keep your software performing at optimal levels.

    What Customer Says About Our Arizona Software Development Services

    • Denise Hamilton

      My waste disposal company has been using Progatix’s custom ERP for over 3 years now. It is such an elaborate system I can manage my fleet, collection & disposal tasks, HR processes, and maintenance with complete automation. I have been able to scale operations with efficient service delivery, better customer experience, and reduced significant management costs

    • Henry Crook

      Progatix’s retail management system has been a wonder for my convenience store. Apart from being very affordable for a small business like mine, it is comprehensive and allows me to manage everything from purchases & inventories to daily cash flow statements. They have even provided me daily sales, expense, and inventory reports, allowing me to maximize stocks of popular items. With barcode scanning, customers don’t have to stand in line, and the scan and pay system simply automates the entire customer experience.

    • Bernard John

      We deployed the custom CRM for our pet store and they even showed us how to access it on the phone. Our existing pet parent customers can easily order food and accessories for pets, while new ones can instantly connect with us through our social profiles & website. The CRM automatically sends updates when there are new orders, while communication with customers has simply been cut in half.


    All Your Essential Custom Software Development Questions Answered

    Generally, a custom software development process depends on its features and functionality. A custom project can take between 6 to 14 months to complete depending on various factors. A minimum viable product with minimal features & functionality can be developed between 4 to 10 months

    Custom software development depends on a number of factors including development hours, design and features needed etc.

    Yes, once your solution has been deployed in your organization our DevOps team provides thorough training, offer timely support, and routine maintenance to keep your software in optimal condition, while keeping your team up to date with all software features & functionality.

    Custom software development is the designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software of intelligent software & applications built for specific business, users, or purpose.


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