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  • Custom Software Development Company in Dallas

    Progatix unites a skilled team of multi-discipline developers with a two-decade legacy of software development experience for Dallas-based businesses. Your trusted software development company in Dallas for unparalleled solutions.


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    We are an end-to-end software development company in Dallas energizing businesses with inventive mobile & desktop applications, alluring UI & UX design, and mission driven testing & QA solutions. Working across more than 20 industry verticals, Progatix has the vast experience, knowledge, capacity and skills to build software that boosts team productivity, customer satisfaction & ROI.

    We are a growth driven Dallas software company, on a mission to “transform business through innovative technology.”

    Dallas has been a popular home to some of the largest businesses in the United States, with headquarters of AT&T, Texas Instruments, Tel Vista, Palo Alto Networks, and Boeing now residing in the city.

    The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has been, for a long time, a popular destination for businesses to base their headquarters. From banking to technology companies, there is a massive variety of businesses located across the region. Walmart stores are one of the most popular sightings in the region, being one of Dallas’s most popular employers too.

    Very noticeable at Amon Carter Boulevard is American Airlines, while South West Airlines is located in Love Field. Lockheed Martin, the aeronautics giant, is also located nearby at Lockheed Boulevard.

    Dallas is also home to some of the biggest financial institutions, with Bank of America based on Main Street, Dallas. On Ross Avenue, Dallas, you will be treated to the remarkable 55-floor Chase Tower HQ of JP Morgan Chase & Co.

    Over its prestigious history, Progatix has partnered with small, medium, and large enterprises, creating cutting-edge solutions that solve major business challenges. We are one of the leading software development companies in Dallas, also equipped with UI & UX design and testing services to provide organizations with a single stop for all things software.

    Furthermore, Dallas-Fort Worth is also home to Verizon Technologies, located in Hidden Ridge, Irving, and Target Corp., located on Republic Drive, Plano.

    We serve these areas in Dallas TX, Dallas Downtown Historic District, Deep Ellum, Uptown, South Dallas, West Dallas and Victory Park

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

    • Dell
    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
    • cherry
    • Gramdstream
    • Huwaei
    • fortinet
    software development dallas

    Top Tier Services from the Fastest Growing Software Development Company Dallas

    High tech custom software development for B2B & B2C enterprises to optimize ROI growth, customer service delivery, and team productivity.

    Adaptive and fully responsive cross-platform mobile apps built to the unique needs of your business and demands of your customers.

    Migrate your legacy systems to a brand-new infrastructure based on extensible systems with centralized databases, highly secure functionality, and hands on access control.

    Craft compelling static, dynamic and fully customized web applications accessible from anywhere with the help of an outstanding team of developers and designers.

    Plan & develop cutting edge MVPs to validate your new product ideas, increase app adoption, and scale growth with a rewarding sales pipeline.

    Elaborate enterprise solutions that simplify workflows, enhance team productivity, delight customers, centralize data, and let you achieve more with fewer resources.

    Experience quality UI & UX designs that engage audiences and convert customers by an impressive design team.

    Harness the power of cloud computing with flexible & future proofed software designed for virtual data storage, robust security, instant access, and business agility.

    Cost effective solutions to optimize business processes and enable SMBs & startups to compete in a highly competitive local environment.

    Our Growth Focused Software Development Process

    Progatix follows an aim-oriented process for custom software development supported by our expert team of project managers, business analysts, developers, designers, and testing professionals.

    A dedicated project manager & business analyst are assigned to your project to determine your ideal requirements, analyze your custom software concept, and consult with your team to identify unique needs.

    A detailed scope of work is developed and communicated to our team through a project brief, which is also delivered to you for approval.

    Our masterful Dallas software developer team goes to work leveraging real time customer research, industry trends, competitor strategies, and in-house knowledge to create your specialized software.

    Once completed your software is rigorously tested, optimized for functionality, and finally delivered for full deployment across your organization.

    Once your custom software is integrated within the organization our team stays by your side to provide training to your team, support them with bugs & errors, and provide routine maintenance when required.

    Progatix Consultancy Services – A Unified Solution for All Your Digital Transformation Needs

    Progatix is a comprehensive Dallas software development company providing businesses with a powerful unified digital transformation solution that aims to solve real life business challenges using next-gen technologies.

    Assisted by our prodigious experience, signature processes, and prolific expertise, Progatix evaluates your legacy processes & systems to transform your entire organizational workflow. Our professionals facilitate your progression from technology migration, software implementation, team training to maintenance and upgrades.

    Our exclusive consultancy services enable your business to migrate entire workflows to digital tech solutions. From complete ERP systems to customer centric CRM, we develop intuitive custom software solutions that fuel business continuity & scale growth.

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    How Progatix Helps Businesses Scale Operations

    As your dedicated software development company in Dallas, we provide you with critical data-driven insights and ideal technology migrations that help scale your operations.

    Empowered by our prestigious experience of working with small, medium, and large-scale enterprises, we have developed strategic roadmaps that enable businesses to immediately scale their operations.

    The core idea behind our unique services is to decentralize processes and centralize data, protected with reinforced security frameworks. Our team assures us through vital testing that your in-house custom software, mobility tools, and databases are highly reliable, i.e., they are always available for your employees.

    Unlike numerous software companies across Dallas TX, Progatix provides a unified solution that evaluates your entire organizational process. By analyzing your systems in parts, we accurately determine automation requirements. Our project managers also identify existing 3rd party integrations and system limitations, formulating a comprehensive digital transformation plan.


    Benefits of working with Progatix

    We aspire to be the leading software development company in Dallas, supported by an immensely talented team and mission driven services. Here are some great benefits that separate us from conventional software development companies in Dallas.

    • A 20-year legacy of developing custom software and mobile applications
    • Exclusive experience of working across 25+ industries, including both public & private enterprise
    • A 100+ roster of professional software developers, project managers, designers, business analysts and testing experts.
    • Agile project management
    • Experience with more than 15 coding technologies – PHP, CSS, C++, Python, React, Microsoft .NET, Vue.JS, JavaScript, HTML5, Angular JS, Java, Node JS, C# and many more tools
    • Signature Software Testing & Assurance services
    • World class software security frameworks
    • A constantly evolving concept planning, development, design & testing process
    • A strong culture of collaboration & timely communication
    • Post-deployment training & support

    Your Technology Partner for Custom Software Development Dallas

    Progatix is the fastest growing Dallas software development provider, and our partners are proof of our success. As your exclusive Dallas app developer solution, we offer you the personalized attention & assistance that you demand in this complex economic environment.

    Let’s discuss your new business software concept, give us an idea and watch our prolific team bring it to life. The Progatix team will assist you from start to finish, allowing your business to self-evolve through technology while making your customer experiences memorable.


    Local Dallas Software Development Company

    Progatix is one of the oldest software development companies in the USA, offering a unique mix of software development, UI & UX design, QA & testing, and DevOps solutions. Our historical presence in the US has allowed us to expand our footprint across 30 different cities, including Dallas, Austin, Houston, and many other cities in Texas.

    Dallas hosts several software development providers, but much depends on several factors when choosing your local Dallas software development company. Some of these factors can be detrimental to the success & cost-effectiveness of your entire project; here are some critical aspects to consider when hiring a software development company in Dallas:

    • Overall experience and experience in your business industry
    • A professional team of developers, designers, DevOps & testing experts
    • Proficiency with the latest coding technologies
    • Software development methodologies
    • Capable of providing support & maintenance
    • Dedicated project managers
    • A good communication strategy
    • Fair & affordable pricing
    • A collaborative & innovative driven company culture

    Progatix business analysts understand the local industry with vast experience partnering with local Dallas businesses. Our development team also, having previously collaborated with Texas businesses, understand the unique needs & challenges of Dallas entrepreneurs and enterprises.

    We persevere to make development, design, testing, and DevOps processes as fluid as possible for our partnering organizations. Leveraging state-of-the-art communications, cloud, and project management technologies, Progatix keeps you in the loop, ensuring your software is built with your feedback & ideas.

    Benefits Of Software Development For Dallas Businesses

    Progatix software development services offer great benefits to businesses & entrepreneurs in Dallas. Here are some noticeable advantages of contracting us for your next software project:

    Your custom software is your unique proprietary solution, built for your specific business & industry. You can always have your software functions & features changed as per your changing business needs.

    Over the last few years, customers have begun to demand personalization when interacting with businesses. Personalization adds value to the customer relationship, enabling the customer to be loyal to your brand.

    Custom software provides better security for your system and your databases. Compared to the shelf alternative that has minimal security and privacy features, a custom solution delivers more flexibility to add more security to the software.

    Custom software is easier to integrate with existing systems, especially in the case of legacy tech.

    The custom software can be scaled to reflect the growth of your business. While off-the-shelf software requires higher subscription costs that can escalate in the thousands, your in-house solution will only require a few upgrades.

    Custom software is more secure and highly reliable since you own it, and it is designed solely for your organization. You can always request maintenance, updates, and support, the reliability of the software is usually guaranteed by the development professionals.


    How Much Does Software Development Cost In Dallas?

    Usually, a custom software project can cost between $10,000 and $30,000, considering this is the development of a full-feature minimum viable product. For more elaborately designed, fully functional, full-featured, stable, and secure software, the cost can be between $60,000 & $100,000.

    Many factors play a crucial role in determining the actual cost of software, including the number of developers, developer hours taken, tech stacks used, design, functionality, number of iterations, security, changes made to code, and a few others.

    Connect with our team to discuss your new project and how much it may cost.

    Hire Top Software Developers In Dallas

    Our remarkable team of software developers, DevOps engineers, and testing experts offers you a complete team of professionals to handle custom software projects end to end. With a 100+ roster of proficient developers, Progatix provides you with a learned & experienced lineup of engineers ready to go to work on the next technological marvel.

    Cost, experience, and collaboration are generally the three most crucial factors when determining whom to hire for your next software project. Progatix offers you an already accomplished team at very attractive rates, hosted within our regional offices & remote locations in the US, so you never have to worry about scouring through profiles to hire the right team.

    Our team is managed by immensely experienced project managers and is proficient with leading technologies, including those for desktop, web, and mobile development. Our team has already demonstrated their skills with Angular, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, PHP, Swift, Flutter, React Native, DOCKER, .NET, Laravel, Apache, and many others.


    The Potential of Software Development in Dallas

    The burnout of Silicone Valley has already signaled resources to mobilize to new markets, and Dallas/Fort Worth (11th) ranks among the top 20. As corporations relocate and establish themselves in the Dallas region, the potential of Dallas transforming into a software development technology hub is rich.

    With academic institutions like the University of Texas already focusing on research and innovation in this area, there is massive potential for new technologies & best practices emerging from Dallas. Research into AI and machine learning is also a major focus at the University, engaging a new generation of software engineers in the field.

    Software startups are already combining AI-powered solutions to develop intuitive solutions to revolutionize Dallas/Fort Worth, highlighting the massive potential for the industry. These entrepreneurs, including pharmaceutical disruptors Cost Plus Drug Company, fitness innovators Shanableh, and home development startup Von Perry, etc., are adding to the special aura of Dallas’s software development potential.

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    Best Software Development Company in Dallas

    As one of the fastest-growing software companies in Dallas, Progatix prides itself on its determined mission & vision, in addition to a remarkable experience team. Our goal is similar to many others operating within the region, to become the best software development company Dallas.

    Enabled by years of experience developing enterprise software, mobile applications, web portals, and progressive web applications, we aim to digitally transform businesses through innovative technology.

    Our values dictate every aspect of our work, allowing us to constantly improve, innovate, and inspire. As one of the industry leaders in software development, our values, including empathy for all, teamwork, learning from failure, and curiosity, act as the luminous beacon of our success.


    Why choose Progatix for Dallas Software Development

    We are an innovation-driven software development company in Dallas with an established foundation and an accomplished team.

    • 20 years of strategic software development experience
    • 100+ team of certified developers, designers, testing experts, and business analysts
    • Proficiency with more than 15 front-end, back end, and mobile development technologies
    • Vast customization to future-proof software
    • A collaborative culture of teamwork
    • Dedicated project managers for personalized service delivery
    • Certified Microsoft Gold Partner
    • Solutions powered by Amazon Web Services
    • Budget-friendly solutions for small, medium & large scale enterprises
    • Fastest project completion compared to competing IT companies in San Francisco
    • Post-deployment testing and quality assurance
    • Value-added support & training for your software
    • One-stop digital solutions on demand under one roof

    What Customer Says About Our Dallas Software Development Services

    • Brandon Roose

      I’m an experienced wedding planner but with no knowledge of digital tools. Progatix had me captivated during their ideation meeting, showing me what the competition was doing. I got the basic idea how a decent website could help bolster my small business, enabling me to showcase my entire portfolio without spending a fortune. Love the great work, thank you Saami, Sohail and team for your amazing work.

    • Rob Donathan

      2. My trucking business needed some serious management and organization after I added 5 new vehicles to the fleet. Progatix conducted a three hour consultation to give me a live demo of their ERP software, showing me a simple way to track the fleet, manage driver schedules, and even assign tasks to drivers without coming into the office. They completely customized the software to make room for attendance, payroll, and reporting for my entire operation, on behalf of my entire team thanks.

    • Scott Neurauter

      3. Great software, quick delivery, excellent customer support and maintenance services. I give Progatix five stars for their amazing services creating my cleaning service mobile application. They made booking and scheduling so easy for my team, and my customers can simply order services through their phones. I recently had the DevOps team add a monthly subscription feature which is amazing for my regular customers, loving the customization available from these guys and truly lifesaving support services … they know what they’re doing.


    All Your Essential Custom Software Development Company Dallas Questions Answered

    Generally, a custom software development process depends on its features and functionality. A custom project can take between 6 to 14 months to complete depending on various factors. A minimum viable product with minimal features & functionality can be developed between 4 to 8 months.

    Custom software development depends on a number of factors including development hours, design and features needed etc.

    Custom software development is the designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software of intelligent software & applications built for specific business, users, or purpose.

    Yes, once your solution has been deployed in your organization our DevOps team provides thorough training, offer timely support, and routine maintenance to keep your software in optimal condition.


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