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  • Insurance Software Development Company

    As a world-class custom insurance software development company, our teams build revolutionary digital products that facilitate progress. We believe there is tremendous potential for progress in the insurance sector for every process and intermediary. Progatix has previously delivered insurance software development solutions partnering with insurance agents, insurance brokers, and insurance companies.


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    Professional Technology Partner for Insurance Sector

    As a professional technology partner for the insurance sector, we offer strategic consultancy and software development services that improve claims management, data management, Compliance, quotes & pricing, and overall customer experience.

    We provide businesses with versatility & competitive superiority through software development for the insurance industry, enabling organizations to process policies faster, personalize the buyer experience, leverage critical data to make better business decisions and automate routine processes for enhanced productivity. Our offerings also

    Insurance Software Development Services Progatix Offers

    Progatix combines great products with great services, giving you an end-to-end solution for all your critical business needs.

    AI-powered & cloud-based software built for the unique needs of your professional services organization.

    High-performance, on-demand cloud-powered software accessible via the web, enhancing remote operations while simplifying workflows.

    Highly responsive & appealing native and cross-platform mobile applications to address the growing mobility needs of your professional service business.

    Our professional DevOps team seamlessly integrates your various systems, providing your business with premium interoperability of systems. Synchronize cloud-based data, CRM, financials, HR, taxation, and more into one unified dashboard.

    Our expert consultants analyze and strategize an effective testing & QA plan to ensure your software, tech stack, and automation solutions are secure, stable, reliable, and error-free.


    Technologies Our Insurance Software Developers work on

    Progatix hosts an experienced & skilled team of dedicated insurance software developers. Our talented devs are equipped with the necessary knowledge, expertise, and tools to create noteworthy solutions that enhance insurance businesses.

    Custom Insurance Software Solutions

    Progatix has been honoured to perform software development for the insurance industry in Asia, Europe & North America. Our mission is to transform insurance organizations through automation, information, and breakthrough technology applications.

    Insurance Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

    Fully equipped insurance ERP systems to manage core processes including claims, policy, HR, contract, document, portfolio, accounting and transaction management.

    Insurance Customer Relations Management Systems

    Address unique needs of customers, brokers & insurance providers by organizing leads, automating processes, and servicing multiple accounts from one dashboard.

    Policy Management Solutions

    Cloud based SaaS for policy rating, quoting, binding, issuance, endorsement, and renewals all in one place.

    Claims Management Systems

    Simplified and faster claims management with advanced investigation, information processing, and claim analysis tools.

    Insurance Database Development

    Centralized database development enhanced with leading security tools, powered by cloud architecture, and facilitated with machine learning algorithms.

    Risk Analysis & Management Systems

    Leverage data with AI & machine learning tools to better analyze policy risks and manage customers with a personalized experience.

    What Really Matters in Insurance

    The Progatix business analysis team identifies that insurance providers must mitigate several factors to ensure success and scalable growth.

    The leading factor that our team identifies is the market position or brand recognition of the company. Securing a larger market share, having a great affiliate network, integrating technology, and being legally compliant can provide significant opportunities to insurance enterprises.

    Furthermore, having a sound distribution infrastructure & capabilities is essential to increase market share without compromising the quality of services. This means having a strategic branch network, affiliated brokers & agents, and offering multiple business lines is necessary to reach out to a larger market.

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    Our Approach to Custom Insurance Software Development

    Progatix follows three unique project management frameworks to build high-quality custom insurance software development solutions. During our project consultation, you are comprehensively briefed about available methodologies while recommending the ideal one based on your needs.

    Agile Development Methodology – Assisted by a dedicated project manager, all our projects follow agile principles by default. Your custom insurance software is developed through iterations, allowing you to constantly provide feedback for improvement and constantly improve the software through testing.

    DevOps Deployment – In addition to hosting a certified DevOps team, we try to integrate leading practices to facilitate development on a daily basis. We consistently challenge our culture to improve by simplifying collaboration, facilitating communication, and enhancing the development process.

    Waterfall Development – Waterfall principles are one of our historical methodologies and are only deployed if insisted upon by our partners. Being an older framework, we rarely recommend the methodologies; however, if chosen, we merge waterfall processes with agile principles to speed development.

    Rapid Application Development – RAD is another popular project management methodology deployed for our mobile & web application projects. This is also the ideal framework when our partners have a smaller budget.


    Benefits of Insurance Software Development Services

    Insurance software development services can make a considerable difference in the way insurance companies manage onboarding, portfolio management, diversification, communications, claim settlements, and customer management.

    Settle claims faster – Speed up the claim settlement process with state-of-the-art technology & prompt communications.

    Enhance your customer experience – Offer delightful customer experiences with the help of data analytics and engaging digital services.

    Using dynamic pricing – Personalize the experience for different business lines with customized pricing and policy management.

    Industries We Serve

    In addition to being a custom insurance software development company, our vast portfolio includes services delivered to over 1000 organizations across 20+ industries. Our services are powering organizations across Asia, Europe, and North America within multiple economic sectors.


    Why Choose Progatix For Custom insurance software development?

    Progatix is a pioneer of the custom software development industry with a prestigious history of professional development, a certified team of professional developers, a benchmark development process, and a presence over three continents.

    We engineer specialist insurance software development solutions that deliver higher productivity, vast flexibility, optimal cost efficiency, and improved collaboration across your enterprise.

    • 20+ years of decorated history of developing custom software
    • 100+ team of developers, designers, and software testing professionals
    • Cloud services powered by Amazon Web Services
    • A highly transparent & collaborative development process
    • Leading edge security frameworks to protect your data & system
    • Proven experience working with public & private sector enterprises
    • Proficiency with over 18 coding technologies
    • Deployed custom software solutions across 20+ industry verticals

    What Customer Says About Our Insurance software development Services

    • Sean Laughlin

      We contracted Progatix to build automation software for sales and customer services going back 7 years. The goal was to improve sales team efficiency & productivity through the automation of their daily routine. The software has brilliantly reduced the need for human management while speeding the onboarding process for leads. We have also experienced fewer errors during the policy generation and issuance processes; excellent work from Progatix.

    • Alex Steffen

      I was experiencing problems with my OTS document management software, so after carefully evaluating alternatives, I chose Progatix to build a custom document management solution for my brokerage. Saami and his team were so professional and insightful when they met me for the initial meeting. It’s been almost 2 years, and the software & databases are functioning perfectly, with Progatix handling the maintenance of the solutions very effectively.

    • Darryl Kropp

      Our legacy call center software was upgraded by Progatix, which allowed our team to significantly improve our communications by combining interactions through voice, web, online chat, email, and social channels. They also integrated the software with our CRM, allowing customers to access customer services with great ease. Thanks to Progatix, we were able to create an amazing omnichannel experience and alleviate considerable workload from our customer support team.


    All Your Essential Custom Insurance Software Development Services Questions Answered

    Insurance software is specifically developed to assist insurance providers, agents & brokers in delivering daily service operations. Solutions are designed to simplify insurance operations, enhance team productivity, establish easy claims processes, and save time.

    Yes, Progatix hosts a prolific team of insurance software developers with extensive experience in crafting intuitive software for the insurance sector.


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