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  • Custom ERP Software Development Services

    Expansive custom ERP solutions built for increased resilience, streamline operations, and establish direct control over micro processes.

    Our elaborate custom ERP solutions are designed to assist your organization simplify workflows, enhance productivity, drive revenue growth, centralize data management, and maximize cost-efficiency. Backed by 20+ years of ERP software development experience, our progressive ERP solutions innovate businesses through automation.


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    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

    • Dell
    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
    • cherry
    • Gramdstream
    • Huwaei
    • fortinet

    Benefits of Custom ERP Solutions

    At Progatix we build customized ERP systems, with functionality designed unique to your business needs. Our ERP solutions go beyond conventional off-the-shelf services with unique benefits geared to elevate your business processes & productivity.

    In addition to the above, you own the intellectual property rights to the custom ERP system. This means you never have to pay monthly and per user fees for using the solution. A custom ERP therefore offers the flexibility to add features, and plan for future upgrades.

    Popular Issues with Off-The-Shelf ERP Software

    The limited capabilities of off the shelf (OTS) ERP solutions seems cost effective, but over time as your business grows the need for new functions and features adds to the cost of the primary system.

    The Progatix team ensures all prerequisites are met during the first consultation to identify all the popular issues your organization might face. Our team follows a comprehensive checklist to remedy all limitations & issues, and provides a complete project scope of work that documents the process.


    ERP Technology Stack we use

    Porgatix is a pioneering ERP development company with a professional team of developers well-versed in breakthrough frontend & backend technologies.


    Remarkable Custom ERP Features That Scale Business Operations

    Our custom ERP development services offer amazing features to facilitate the creation of your dedicated system. We collaborate with your team to identify the unique requirement of your business and develop the ideal ERP application that’s suits your industry.

    • Build personalized ERP systems , customized to your unique industry
    • Import databases, centralize data management with AI assistance
    • Build unique application & data structures that suit your organization’s needs
    • Extract business intelligence and visualize data from multiple sources
    • Deploy mass automation and simplify routine processes
    • Integrate seamlessly with unlimited 3rd party tools and applications
    • Personalize your ERP UI & UX to your unique brand themes
    • Select from a winning lineup of security tools & features
    • Customized management for all your users, assign access rules & control
    • Cross-platform and multi-device interconnectivity on demand
    • Enhance your ERP system’s performance & capability with simple customizable coding
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    Why Choose Progatix as Your ERP Solutions Development Partner

    As your dedicated ERP Company, Progatix offers you the convenience, speed, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, collaboration and commitment needed in today’s fast-paced global industry.

    • A 20+ years decorated history of developing custom software for SMBs & enterprises
    • Official Microsoft Gold Partner
    • Cloud services powered by Amazon Web Services
    • A highly transparent & collaborative development process
    • Leading edge security frameworks to protect your data & system
    • A proficient team of developers, analysts, testing experts & designers
    • Proven experience of working with public & private sector enterprise


    All Your Essential Custom ERP Software Development Questions Answered

    The exact cost for custom ERP software depending on its features, functionality, development hours, support, and maintenance. To get an exact estimate for your custom software development project discuss your requirements with our business analysis team today.

    There are several important issues that must be identified before beginning an ERP project including

    • The necessary processes and functions to include in the system

    • Identifying future needs for adequate flexibility & adaptability

    • Ensuring your employees are on board for the change to automation

    • Vetting, identifying, and analyzing available ERP vendors

    • Accounting for relevant maintenance & support costs

    • Clearly mapping out the usage of core features

    Once your solution is implemented our team stays by your side to deliver essential training and support to ensure your team is comfortable operating the ERP. Our team provides complete training of various modules and settings to ensure your team is versed with various operations.

    Yes, our team provides ready support to your organization across all branches and head offices. Our team can offer instant support through custom communication apps or a stock app like WhatsApp or Slack.

    Our team is available Mon to Fri for general support and maintenance, while emergency support is available over weekends too.


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