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  • Software Testing Services

    Professional testing & QA services for superior quality software, robust security, and elevated user experiences.

    Established with 20 years as a premium software testing company, Progatix has enabled businesses across education, manufacturing, supply chain, energy generation, logistics, & numerous other sectors to secure a competitive edge with scalable growth.


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    Our value-driven software QA (Quality Assurance) services facilitate organizations by validating their in-house solution performance, security, stability, feature usability, 3rd party integrations, and system functionality.

    From elaborate ERP & CRM systems to custom mobile application testing, our specialist software QA testing professionals ensure service excellence through a consistent & systematic process. We assess your software to ensure it meets crucial organizational requirements throughout the product lifecycle.

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

    • Dell
    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
    • cherry
    • Gramdstream
    • Huwaei
    • fortinet

    Types of Applications We Test

    Progatix is empowered by its prolific experts and vital value-driven processes, allowing us to offer five exclusive software testing types. Our team tests desktop applications optimizing user interfaces, features, databases, reporting modules, access & authorization rules, security, performance, hardware, and integrations to achieve absolute time service excellence.

    Our dedicated QA process streamlines web applications for optimal performance, server scalability, and robust security. In addition, we perform comprehensive mobile application testing to determine top-tier UI aesthetics, safety, features, functionality, and stability.

    Enterprise Software Testing Services

    Our leading software testing services have assisted organizations in innovating workflows, speeding service delivery, enhancing team productivity and establishing a competitive edge for over ten years.

    Deploying progressive practices, including Agile project management and DevOps benchmarks, our specialist QA testing professionals have enabled organizations across 25+ sectors consistently scale their growth.

    Employing leading QA automation technologies for enterprise software testing projects, we integrate AI tools to achieve successful outcomes quickly.

    Our Risk-Averse Testing Process

    Our collaborative culture ensures that testing teams work together with our prolific developers to manage testing risks in real-time. From individual units to complete software solutions, our experienced QA testing professionals perform both manual and automatic checks for risk aversion.

    Our signature risk-averse testing process ensures that we run tests against all possible error scenarios affecting software and your business. From identifying risks of feature & functionality failure to those that can cost your business financially or other damages, prioritizing risks by their consequences.

    By rigorously testing your software/apps, we eliminate the risks associated with features, individual modules, and overall functionality, especially those that carry financial losses. Testing is prioritized on the likelihood of failure and how it can impact your customers.

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    Testing Types We Perform

    Progatix offers a robust QA process that includes multiple software testing types to ensure premium quality solutions that elevate business process performance. Our professional testing team verifies your software for performance, reliability, stability, code correctness, and other aspects to deliver the highest service standards. Our team ensures your digital products behave ideally through either manual or automatic testing techniques.”


    Automated Testing

    Our QA automation testing service is delivered through a planned and collaborative process that determines the ideal goals of the test. Our prolific software testing experts create automated scripts designed based on project guidelines, with different complexities and sequences.

    Our automated testing offers you a highly reliable testing solution with professionally designed scripts, assured by highly experienced project managers. Progatix’s QA automation solutions enable continuous integration, improved service delivery, and scalability for your unique software.

    Our team defines the ideal framework to test your app; our dedicated project management team consults with you to identify the best one for your business software.”


    Our QA & Software Testing Toolkit

    Progatix is an innovative software testing company. Therefore we ensure our testing team are equipped with the essential expertise for different desktop and mobile application testing projects. Our signature software QA solutions include top-tier testing tools to ensure compliance, security, and superior service quality.


    All Your Essential Custom Software Development Questions Answered

    Our signature software testing and QA services explore the operations of a software or mobile application under controlled conditions. The testing process evaluates the performance of your software under normal and abnormal conditions, e.g. maximum & maximum server load.

    Our team intentionally introduces errors to determine if the system can handle widespread threats and bugs.

    Our software testing plan documents the testing process’s aims, scope, tactics, and focus. We developed this plan to detail the entire process and how it will be conducted for you & your team. We highlight the priorities and make it easy for your team to understand the process without being lost in translation with technical jargon.

    At Progatix, we assure you that your software is easy to use and that all its features operate as intended. The most perfected solutions can experience errors and can suffer during marketing campaigns.

    Professional testing experts identify that the general cost of a testing and QA process can be between 15% and 25% of the project cost. Generally, software testing personnel charge businesses by the hour.


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