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    ProgatiX is a premium software company in San Francisco offering innovation-driven digital transformation services that spark business growth.


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    Quickly becoming one of the top San Francisco companies assisting local businesses to simplify their operations, minimize costs, and discover new audiences through software technology. Progatix brings together vast software development experience & a fantastic team of professionals to facilitate enterprises scale, simplify, and self-sustain.

    San Fran is known for its amazing diversity of business activity, its booming GDP, and its highly educated workforce. Hosting giant businesses including SalesForce, Stripe, Uber, UpWork, Yelp, DropBox, and many others.

    The Bay Area has historically been one of the most popular in terms of employment and investment. Known for its wealth, weather, innovative culture, and scenic views, the Bay Area is regarded as an engine of progress for the state.

    San Francisco has been meticulously developed to have its own financial district at the city center, the small business development center at Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, the Accenture Building at Mission Street, and various Chambers of Commerce HQs at O’Farrell Street and Townsend Street. There are also a number of SMBs located on Montgomery Street, all the way up to Embarcadero Boulevard.

    Progatix offers businesses across San Francisco professionally managed custom software development with a prestigious history of crafting leading ERP systems, CRM solutions, mobile apps, financial software, school management systems, retail management software, and many other intuitive digital solutions for businesses.

    In addition, we also offer comprehensive digital transformation solutions, including web development, database management, machine learning & big data analysis, digital design, and consultancy.

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

    • Dell
    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
    • cherry
    • Gramdstream
    • Huwaei
    • fortinet

    Progatix Creates Stellar Software for Business Agility

    ProgatiX is a pioneer of the software development industry, empowered with over 20 years of prodigious experience delivering top-tier enterprise software, mobile applications, UI & UX designs, web applications, and QA testing solutions.

    We have established ourselves as one of the top companies in San Francisco facilitating businesses of all sizes develop agile workflows. Our prolific team is readily assisting businesses craft premium automation solutions that drive growth and optimize ROI.

    Our success is fueled by the prestigious accomplishments of our fantastic team of developers, designers, project managers, and testing experts. We have inspired a culture of collaboration, personalization, and excellence to ensure we deliver a memorable experience to all our esteemed partners, creating long lasting relationships.

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    Building Next-Gen Software Products for San Francisco’s Top Enterprises

    Being the six largest economic hubs in the US, San Francisco has a superb mix of small, medium, large, and startup businesses.

    All top companies in San Francisco are now looking towards digital services especially intuitive management software like Enterprise Resource Planning systems & Customer Relationship Management tools to enhance their process efficiency, add revenue pipelines, and serve their customers better.

    As a prestigious San Francisco software company, we offer end to end digital transformation for our partners, providing local businesses a unified purpose driven solution to address all their challenges through innovative technology.

    From attractive & fully responsive websites to intuitive high-tech business software suites, our remarkable team offers diverse expertise in developing adaptive business software, future proof mobility tools, communication tools, collaboration solutions, in addition to offering professional consultancy to bring your unique ideas to life.


    Benefits of Working with Progatix for Software Development

    ProgatiX is all about innovation, and our value driven digital solutions are designed to implement cost savings, enhance team productivity, and create new revenue streams for San Francisco businesses.

    • 20 years of strategic software development experience
    • 100+ team of certified developers, designers, testing experts, and business analysts
    • Proficiency with more than 15 front end, back end, and mobile development technologies
    • Vast customization to future proof software
    • A collaborative culture of teamwork
    • Dedicated project managers for personalized service delivery
    • Certified Microsoft Gold Partner
    • Solutions powered by Amazon Web Services
    • Budget friendly solutions for small, medium & large-scale enterprises
    • Fastest project completion compared to competing IT companies in San Francisco
    • Post deployment testing and quality assurance
    • Value-added support & training for your software
    • One stop digital solutions on demand under one roof

    Our Software Development Services in San Francisco

    As your specialist software development company in San Francisco, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive toolkit of solutions to take your organization digital.

    Our inventive custom software developers deliver end-to-end experience crafting fully functional business specific software, feature rich mobile applications, and individual service modules to spark business growth.

    Build streamlined web applications crafted for flexibility, freedom & agility with the assistance of a certified team for premium design, development, support and maintenance.

    Bring your progressive mobile application ideas to life aided by a remarkable team of iOS & Android developers equipped to handle both native and cross platform app development.

    Consult with a pioneering team of experienced consultants to identify your digital transformation needs from choosing the ideal software platforms and technology stack to determining customization needs, solution reliability, and security infrastructure.

    Deploy robust error free software facilitated by a team of professional testing experts. Audit existing apps and software with mission driven automatic & manual testing services.

    Harness the DevOps competitive advantage for all your digital solutions & needs. Our proficient on-demand team assists you with planning, coding, building, testing, deploying, operating and monitoring software.


    Our Professional Software Development Process

    ProgatiX offers a legacy of delivering premium digital solutions, which is reflected in our quality assured development & design processes. We aspire to be one of the top companies in San Francisco delivering world class digital solutions, and to accomplish this we offer an immensely collaborative development process.

    We conduct a comprehensive consultancy session to determine your software requirements, discuss your ideas, identify ideal tech stacks & platforms, establish budgets and schedule reasonable timelines of the project.

    A descriptive scope of work is created to assign resources, create schedules, define communication channels, establish reporting hierarchies, and identify development tools & progress report formats.

    Our creative design team goes to work crafting fabulous UX & UI designs that make your software engaging, appealing, and easy to use.

    Our prolific software developers begin work on your solution, assisted by a dedicated project manager providing you weekly progress reports and recording your feedback for changes.

    Certified testing experts rigorously test your software using automatic & manual methods to assure bug-free functionality and deployment readiness.

    Once the custom software is integrated, we stay by your side to provide top-tier support and training to teams for optimal productivity.

    Why Choose Progatix

    Choosing us as your dedicated software development company in San Francisco offers you great flexibility and competitive advantage.

    Our entire service process is based on continuous learning and team development. We don’t just create software, we create an ‘experience’. We conduct in-depth research and use our vast knowledge base to create fantastic solutions for you, constantly learning & adapting through your unique software.

    ProgatiX perseveres to deliver you a highly personalized experience from consultation to software deployment. Our customer success team stays connected with you to ensure superior service delivery, & to determine your business specific support needs. Every project has a dedicated project manager, providing you with a single point of contact for all queries.

    Our highly collaborative development, design, and support processes always focus on your requirements ensuring that your team is always up to date. We also collaborate with your team for training and feedback to ensure that the software is operating with maximum potential.

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    Local San Francisco Software Development Company

    Progatix is one of the fastest-growing software development company in San Francisco. Although not local, we have the infrastructure, resources, tools, technology, and experience to support businesses across the US.

    Blessed with a remarkable culture of learning, teamwork, curiosity, and empathizing with our external environment, we give our customers & partners more than just software development, we aim to provide them with an ‘experience.’

    Benefits Of Software Development For San Francisco Businesses

    Progatix software development services offer great benefits to businesses & entrepreneurs in Dallas. Here are some noticeable advantages of contracting us for your next software project:

    The Progatix team focuses on building software that resolves your specific business challenges and fulfills needs that your team experience daily.

    Our software offers vast customization to add new features & functionality, so you don’t have to depend on close-ended off-the-shelf software.

    Our DevOps and testing teams ensure your software & in-hose data is secured through the toughest security infrastructures.

    Our remarkable development & DevOps teams craft flexible software that easily merges with legacy systems and existing software.

    Our versatile software is developed to scale your business, enabling you to easily increase or decrease resource allocation when needed.

    Our leading software solutions are built for your organization as a proprietary solution, unlike off-the-shelf software that is owned by vendors.


    How Much Does Software Development Cost In San Francisco?

    Our business analysis and project management teams identify that a basic software development project can cost between $20,000 and $70,000. This is what professionals call the cost for a minimum viable product, a minimal version of your software built with only its essential features.

    A full-featured and fully functional software can cost between $50,000 and $500,000 depending on its features, functionality, design, security, stability, and various other factors.


    Hire Top Software Developers In San Francisco

    Progatix offers an experienced and talented team of developers, designers, testing experts, project leads, and DevOps engineers. Our culture inspires constant learning and self-development, ensuring that our resources are equipped with the latest technologies and best practices.

    Our prolific developers are equipped with hands-on experience in popular tech stacks, including Apache, HTML, PHP, CSS, Java, Kotlin, ReactNative, NODE, JavaScript, DOCKER, Vue.JS, Swift, Flutter, XCode, and many others.

    Progatix follows agile project management methodologies using both Scrum & Kanban depending on the project’s requirements. Our project management focuses on accurate estimates, timely reporting, critical backlog management, and incorporation of client feedback into the process.


    The Potential of Software Development in San Francisco

    San Fran is a hub of business, innovation, and ad investment and possibly has the highest potential for software development solutions, apart from Silicon Valley. The diversity of business activities and the need to innovate customer experiences while reducing costs all point towards custom software development solutions.

    At Progatix, we offer a superb mix of technologies, resources, developers, designers, testing experts, and consultants to find the right solution for every business. Working across 20+ industry verticals over the last two decades, we have formulated productivity enhancing & cost minimizing solutions for businesses in education, manufacturing, energy & power generation, logistics, and service providers, among many others.

    San Francisco holds a huge number of service & professional businesses, the biggest sector of its economy. Businesses, including restaurants, financial services, law firms, doctors, engineers, and consultancy enterprises, are located across the city. There is immense potential for these businesses with the use of custom software to speed up their service delivery, improve customer experiences, and reduce their service costs.

    Other San Francisco Software Development Industries We Serve

    Progatix began as a software development company in 2003. Our established custom healthcare software developers have had the privilege of working across more than fifteen industries over 2 decades.

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    Best Software Development Company in San Francisco

    We persevere every day to become the best software development company in San Francisco. Blessed with a great team and an adequate infrastructure & tools to deliver our services, we learn from our failure and work together as a closely-knit clan of digital professionals.

    To offer your business the best custom development experience, we have integrated the best tools and practices that keep you informed at all times. Our professionals are trained to have answers before questions


    What Customer Says About Our San Francisco Software Development Services

    • Joe Granieri

      I thought of doing something similar for my fitness training classes after using food and uber apps for years. Instead of going with the works like other fitness studios, i.e. a website and a smartphone app, I chose having just the mobile application linked to my social media pages. The smartphone app was really affordable and has such an attractive look I fell in love with it when they demonstrated the final version, it took them about 7 months to create it. Got the chance to work with true digital professionals and I’m very happy I chose them for my app, thanks for the amazing work team Progatix.

    • Beth Combs

      I own several fuel stations across Frisco, and it was about time I introduced some tech to organize my businesses. In the initial concept ideation meeting, Progatix advisors showed me real time examples of how a petrol station management system (PSMS) could manage & organize all my stations in one secured space. The PSMS proved to be phenomenal simplifying sales, purchases, rectifying cash flow, creating daily reports, recording shop sales, streamlining dip management, and storing this data on the cloud. Their team has always responded to my support calls, and they are even available during emergencies for assistance, great service.

    • Rob Donathan

      My pet clinic & lodging needed some serious renovations, and a basic CRM was one of them. I was referred to Progatix by a friend who had worked with them before. My custom CRM has enabled me to connect with pet parents across the city, book pet lodging, let parents connect with the cameras in the lodging facility to monitor their pets, schedule clinic appointments, share content to social pages and wish customers on special occasions. It’s been a good experience, I never had to call them up for anything, and they would always communicate updates before I asked.


    All Your Essential San Francisco Software Development Questions Answered

    Custom software development is the designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software of intelligent software & applications built for specific business, users, or purpose.

    Generally, a custom software development process depends on its features and functionality. A custom project can take between 6 to 14 months to complete depending on various factors. A minimum viable product with minimal features & functionality can be developed between 4 to 9 months.

    Yes, once your solution has been deployed in your organization our DevOps team provides thorough training, offer timely support, and routine maintenance to keep your software in optimal condition, while keeping your team up to date with all software features & functionality.


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