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    Progatix is a professional custom agriculture software development company with a rich history of consulting and developing solutions for travel, leisure & hospitality businesses. From engaging websites to more complex travel company ERPs, we facilitate organizations with leading cloud-based solutions enhanced through big data analytics & machine learning algorithms.


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    Travel, leisure & hospitality have been one of the earliest adopters of digital technologies, especially over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. These intuitive technologies have been at the forefront of providing travellers with superior travel experiences, adding personalization to the travel & hospitality mix.

    Travel software development alleviates the pressure of managing daily travel operations both for tourism companies and travellers. The smart induction of hotel booking websites & portals, holiday planning apps, and other fantastic travelling solutions have already given the industry a superb foundation for growth.

    The modern-day traveller is equipped with multiple devices, including smartphones & wearable tech, which provide a memorable experience across airports, car hire, hotels, and restaurants. Customer-focused services are now the mantra for any organization operating within travel, leisure & hospitality. Travel software solutions provide tourism providers great versatility by leveraging big data & machine learning to extract critical customer insights that assist in optimizing the buyer journey.

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

    • Dell
    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
    • cherry
    • Gramdstream
    • Huwaei
    • fortinet

    Get World Class Hospitality Software Solutions

    Hospitality software is a solution designed to automate hoteling, leisure & dining operations. This software is designed to simplify hotel management, build lasting customer relationships, analyze data for critical insights, and proactively collect customer feedback for improvements.

    Some of the popular hospitality software includes property management systems, guest experience management systems, predictive maintenance systems, payment processing & security services, feedback management tools, and cybersecurity solutions.

    For over ten years, Progatix has delivered fully responsive & feature-rich hospitality software that streamlines different business functions. Our prolific travel software developers customize your hospitality ERP, CRM, and PMS merging them into one powerful dashboard.

    Our leading hospitality software development services accelerate service speed and boost service quality with breakthrough big data analytics, data visualization, aesthetically appealing dashboards, and team collaboration tools that provide end-to-end management of hospitality organizations.


    How Does Technology Change the Travel Industry?

    Technology has completely transformed the way we plan, organize and book holidays today. From booking flights online to hailing rides and reserving hotel rooms, every aspect of the travel experience integrates some form of technology to assist guests with a self-serving contactless experience.

    Smart Phone Applications – One of the biggest game changers for the travel industry has been the smartphone. Customer and administrative mobile apps have proven to be a significant advantage that completely reforms the entire travel experience. Guests can book flights, book rooms, signup for tours, order taxis, reserve restaurants, order food, shop online, and access hotel services through intuitive applications.

    Similarly, administrative apps facilitate businesses to deliver faster service while keeping the entire value chain organized. Seamless & personalized services are now a major aspect of the travel experience, with instant communication, contactless check-in, and Bluetooth tech playing a major role in assisting travel & hospitality staff in performing their daily duties with ease.

    Chat Bot Technology – Like other service-based industries, an increasing number of travel & hospitality providers are integrating chatbots within their experience. Chatbots embed with AI tech are available 24 hours a to answer important customer queries, assist with bookings, and provide a human-like experience.

    Big Data & Machine Learning – The advent of machine learning and AI is already elevating the use of data insights about traveller behaviours, preferences, and interests. Hospitality providers like Marriot & Hilton have already begun using data insights to improve amenities, services, and add-ons for their guests.

    Data insights also make marketing & distribution easier to travel and hospitality businesses. Campaigns can be personalized for specific customers with unique offers depending on their interests and frequency of travel. Insights are also a very clever way of identifying variable and discounted pricing for different traveller groups.

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    Travel Software Development Services Progatix Offers

    At Progatix, you can be assured of quality software built with vast customization to accommodate the specific needs of travel & hospitality. Our breakthrough cloud-powered software streamlines the customer experience, enhances operational efficiency, improves team productivity, automates routine tasks, strengthens collaboration, and saves crucial time.


    Technologies our Travel Software Developers Work On

    We are an accomplished travel software development company in the USA with over two decades of custom software development experience and an experienced team of 100+ developers, designers, and testing professionals to assist your organization.

    Custom Healthcare Software Solutions

    Our mission-driven solutions are designed to enhance your healthcare service quality while improving your understanding of patient behaviors and personalizing healthcare for every patient.

    Progatix healthcare software development solutions are engineered with AI & machine learning to give your business the essential competitive edge through accurate time analytics for informed decision-making.

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    Our Approach to Custom Travel & Hospitality Software Development

    Progatix perseveres to build world-class travel & hospitality software facilitated by the latest approaches for development. During the project consultation, our business advisors recommend the ideal project management approaches that are ideal for underlying business needs.

    Agile Development Methodology – We follow agile project management principles to ensure high-quality software with faster time to market & cost-effectiveness. Building software in iterations with regular feedback from our partners enables us to build better, highly functional, and user-centric solutions.

    DevOps Deployment – Progatix DevOps engineers constantly enhance the custom travel software development process by enacting a culture of constant collaboration and timely communication. Our travel software developers focus on their objectives while consistently staying connected with testing, design, and project teams leading to better outcomes.

    Waterfall Development – The waterfall development process is not very common since it is considered outdated. Our project managers only suggest the methodology in case partners demand such development requirements. By aligning waterfall processes with agile management, we quicken time to market, maintaining the same budgets.

    Rapid Application Development – Progatix delivers rapid app development processes when budgets are limited, and timelines are short. Activated when developing travel mobile & web applications, we deliver MVPs faster, led by constant changes.


    Benefits of Travel Software Development Services

    Progatix’s cutting-edge travel software development solutions offer remarkable benefits to providers with a primary focus on staff productivity, time savings, cost savings, customer convenience, and reporting.

    Offer convenient travel experiences – Our versatile travel software eliminates the need to browse through multiple websites & applications to book flights, commutes, tours and hotels. Instead of going through thousands of options, we provide travel businesses with a single solution that makes travel booking simpler. Our hospitality software is also optimized to combine tour packages allowing customers to book flights, rooms, and tours via one platform. Your staff can manage all service features through one dashboard, while your guests can enjoy a truly digital experience.

    Enhance cost savings – Our software development for the travel industry is focused on minimizing costs for travel & hospitality providers through automation. By delegating routine operations to tech, teams can concentrate on customers, savings both the time and costs of performing tasks manually.

    Vast personalization of services – Progatix travel software is built to offer personalization to travellers ensuring they can book services at their convenience, sync their itinerary to their schedule, make special requests, and use mobility tools to manage their travel experience.

    Streamline workflows – Possibly the most important benefit of carrying travel & hospitality software is its ability to simplify the operation through automation. With a complete overview always available, managers can easily delegate tasks to idle staff members or simply choose automation over manual execution.

    Extensive distribution – Availability of inventory is critical to keep the travel & hospitality industry going, and keeping track of multiple online distribution services like and can be tedious. Our leading travel software development services make the distribution of inventory easier through a centralized interface with vast automation features.

    Customer data insights – We integrate centralized database management with machine learning & big data analytics to deliver timely insights necessary for strategic decision-making. Your business can identify demand trends, traveller preferences, important issues, and challenges ahead of the competition, always leading the competitive travel sector.

    Timely communication – We integrate all your important tools, especially communication apps, into your custom solution, ensuring a fluid communication pipeline. All communications are synched to the main dashboard, providing you with minute-by-minute updates and requests.

    Automated loyalty & reward programs – A great custom travel software can provide travel & hospitality providers with the opportunity to offer full-feature loyalty programs to reward their customers. From accumulating points to delivering season offers, the centralized CRM software can keep customers engaged with your brand, especially when there is a mobile application supporting the function.

    Data centralization – Data centralization has become extremely necessary for almost every business that aims to grow constantly. Big data has already shown how organizations can make informed strategic decisions by simply analyzing the trends and numbers within these datasets. In addition, data centralization improves information sharing and reduces data duplication.


    Our Travel Software Development Process

    Progatix is a certified travel software development company with a professionally managed software development process. Our transparent and collaborative process is overseen by certified project managers while our expert travel software developers build your solution(s).

    The concept planning meeting is an initial session that identifies your core software idea and provides you with research-backed insights on how to develop the solution further.

    Progatix travel software developers begin work on your solutions, creating new iterations based on changes from your team.

    Once your idea is finalized, our design team proceeds to create a fantastic UI & UX for your software.

    Progatix testing experts consistently test your software for usability, stability, responsiveness, functionality, adaptability, and security, throughout the development lifecycle.

    Our proficient DevOps team integrates your solution once it is finalized and stands by to support & train your team.

    Software Development for Travel Industry

    Our decade-long experience as a leading custom travel software development company allows us to clearly understand the unique challenges & needs of hospitality & travel businesses. Supported by a phenomenal team of digital professionals and a mission-driven development process, we create solutions that simplify, economize, and automate operations.

    One of the most popular trends in software development for the travel industry is delivering an omnichannel experience to travellers. We leverage our vast experience and skills to transform travel & hospitality businesses, harnessing the power of websites, portals, ERP & CRM software, mobile applications, machine learning, chatbots, and data management.

    Contactless solutions are now one of the most popular features, especially in franchise & boutique hotels. Progatix understands the dominance of mobile & IoT applications in hospitality; our travel software developers are equipped with the necessary tools & expertise to build check-in & checkout, digital room key, smart room control solutions, including many others.

    Progatix also specializes in mobile hospitality software development solutions that allow hotel staff & management to operate with versatility & agility. Our talented team has already worked on mobile property management, financial management, inventory management, HR management, and maintenance management solutions that streamline the entire service infrastructure in hotels.

    In addition, our signature ERP solutions provide travel & hospitality operators with the freedom to manage all their operations within a unified software. Our superior custom ERP is built to accommodate the unique functionality required to operate large entities like hotels and tourism companies. Learn more about exclusive travel & hospitality software development solutions by connecting with our brilliant business advisory team today.

    Industries We Serve

    Progatix is one of the leading providers of custom software for business in Asia, Europe & North America. Our solutions are powering over 1000 organizations worldwide across 20+ industry verticals.


    Why Choose Progatix For Custom Travel Software Development?

    Progatix gives you multiple reasons to choose our services for your next travel & hospitality software development project.

    • 20+ years of decorated history of developing custom software
    • 100+ team of developers, designers, and software testing professionals
    • Official Microsoft Gold Partner
    • Cloud services powered by Amazon Web Services
    • A highly transparent & collaborative development process
    • Leading edge security frameworks to protect your data & system
    • Proven experience working with public & private sector enterprises
    • Proficiency with over 18 coding technologies
    • Deployed custom software solutions across 20+ industry verticals

    What Customer Says About Our Hospitality Software Development Services

    • Patrick Jeffers

      I operate a small hotel and wanted minimal software to manage the operations of the property. I was referred to Progatix by one of my suppliers, who had a delivery app built by the company. The owners, Saami and Sohail, personally attended the consultancy meeting, and I was truly sold on day way. They developed fabulous software with a beautiful design, in addition to adding premium features like those for a franchise hotel. My hotel management system takes care of payments, reservations, maintenance, room inventory, room service, laundry, and cleaning services. The software has never malfunctioned, and they told me I can always request to add new features. You are the best team, Progatix; thanks!

    • William Menges

      I hired the Progatix team to develop an online reservation system for my 20-room motel. I needed something simple and web-based so I could just use my laptop to make reservations, and guests could use the website to book rooms. Progatix did a phenomenal job linking the website,, AirBnB, and Vrbo to the reservation system. My room inventory is automatically updated on distribution systems, and the reservation system handles most aspects automatically. Looking to get my website updated by them, too; great service and a great solution from a very supportive team.

    • Josh Mertes

      My tourism company needed a complete makeover, with my priority being a new website. Progatix was hired to initially develop our CRM, but they also pitched their website builder service almost 4 years ago. The custom website they developed was so much better than the last one, with better responsiveness, mobile compatibility, and a super design.


    All Your Essential Custom Travel Software Development Service Questions Answered

    We can offer travel businesses fully functional custom travel software, including reservation management, travel agency CRM, 3rd party API integrations, payment gateway integration, online booking systems, back office system, inventory management, itinerary management and omnichannel distribution and other custom solutions.

    Travel or Hotel software development depends on several factors, including development hours, design and features needed etc.


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