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  • Enterprise IT Services and Networking

    Experience the power of professional enterprise I.T. services management that improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, mitigate IT risks, improves performance & scale ROI.

    Progatix is a prodigious enterprise I.T. service provider delivering all-inclusive I.T.-as-a-service solutions since 2003. Our enterprise solutions are crafted to synchronize multiple functions of organizations through information sharing & networking best practices.


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    Professional I.T. Services Management Solutions Designed to Drive Operational Efficiency, ROI Growth & Productivity

    At Progatix, we have designed an all-inclusive I.T. service management suite that encloses a vast portfolio of top-tier solutions to enhance cost-effectiveness, team productivity, brand visibility, and ROI for organizations.

    Assisted by a certified team of I.T. professionals, we drive business efficiency & accelerate growth with cutting-edge data centre design & consultancy, network infrastructure planning & security, video conferencing & I.P. voice communication, managed I.T., staff augmentation & outsourcing, cyber security, cloud computing, I.P. surveillance solutions, green energy solutions, and corporate training solutions.

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

    • Dell
    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
    • cherry
    • Gramdstream
    • Huwaei
    • fortinet

    Dedicated I.T. Professionals, Network Management & Cybersecurity Services

    Progatix hosts a qualified lineup of I.T. professionals to design, plan, integrate, manage & control partner enterprise I.T. services. Our professional I.T. service management team features:

    • CIOs, Information Security Officers & Administrators
    • Cybersecurity Administrators & Hardware Engineers
    • Cloud Infrastructure Architects & Security Engineers
    • A.I. Security Analysts & Engineers
    • Enterprise I.T. System Architects
    • Technical Engineers & Architects
    • Network Architects & Administrators
    • DevOps Engineers
    • Database Architects, Administrators & Developers
    • Big Data Scientists, Architects & Analysts

    Progatix Professional Enterprise I.T. Solutions

    We are a dedicated enterprise I.T. service management company with an end-to-end solutions suite that enables businesses to concentrate on operations as we optimize their I.T. & security foundations.

    Plan, design & model high-performance I.T. architectural layouts and infrastructures powered by premium quality resources.

    Integrate robust cybersecurity solutions that secure against cyber threats, data theft, compliance issues, and other digital vulnerabilities.

    Enact world-class practices & processes to protect network infrastructures assisted by top-tier preventive measures & I.T. security tools.

    Leverage enterprise-level video conferencing & I.P. voice solutions powered by the cloud for superior and secure corporate communication experiences.

    Professionally managed I.T. services to enhance operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and team productivity.

    Hire certified I.T. professionals via temporary staff augmentation or long-term outsourcing services.

    Leverage innovation-driven cloud computing to optimize business performance with cutting-edge IaaS, PaaS, ITaaS and SaaS solutions.

    Easy to install & simple to manage high resolutions I.P. surveillance systems with premium software to assist perimeter security.

    Choose from solar, wind, and biomass energy solutions to reduce Co2 emissions for a greener tomorrow.

    Invest in organizational teams to acquire new skills, build learning cultures, innovate, and conveniently achieve business goals.


    Protect Your Business with Advanced I.T. Security Services

    Our managed I.T. security services facilitate organizations to mitigate technology risks and overhaul I.T. security strategies for superior business outcomes. Progatix empowers organizations with limited I.T. budgets & resources to optimize business workflows, leveraging the latest industry best practices and a prolific team.

    Our enterprise I.T. service management suite allows organizations to focus on operations while we streamline their entire I.T., database, cloud & security infrastructures. We customize our all-inclusive I.T. security services toolkit to cater to the growing requirements of organizations of all sizes.

    Benefits of Working with Us

    Progatix delivers a fantastic selection of benefits for partnering organizations allowing them to simplify workflows, automate operations, and optimize cost efficiency.

    • Enhance business cost-effectiveness with professionally managed turn-key solutions at affordable rates
    • Achieve operational efficiency by focusing on business operations
    • Tap into the exclusive industry expertise of our prolific team
    • Proactive risk management and mitigation to future-proof enterprises
    • Certified & experienced professionals to assist with holistic I.T. management
    • Quickly deploy I.T. solutions and best practices supported by an outstanding team
    • Harness competitive edge by securing, streamlining, and simplifying I.T. infrastructures
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    Why Hire Progatix as Your Dedicated I.T. Support Company?

    Progatix was established in 2003 as a dedicated software development & I.T. services management company. Now based in four countries with a digital footprint on 3 continents, we offer a prestigious portfolio of over 1000 partner organizations augmenting our personalized solutions.

    • 2 decades of prodigious I.T. service management experience
    • End to End I.T. service management solutions
    • A certified team of 25+ I.T. management professionals
    • Partnerships with world-class I.T. vendors & suppliers
    • Proficiency with cutting-edge security, networking & I.T. products
    • Dedicated project managers for superior collaboration
    • Experience working with startups, SMBs & large corporations
    • Experience in creating custom software for 25+ industry verticals
    • Flexible service models


    All Your Essential Enterprise I.T Services Questions Answered

    IT service companies deliver a variety of services, including IT planning, hardware deployment & management, software deployment & management, administration of the IT architecture & its management, cloud system management, IT support & maintenance, cybersecurity & network protection, IT training, and team augmentation.

    Managed I.T. services are practices enacted by professional I.T. service providers to anticipate, plan, administer, maintain, and upgrade IT processes to improve operational efficiency, cost-efficiency, collaboration, and security of enterprises, their technology systems & employees.

    The core purpose of IT solutions is to enhance the performance of organizational processes, enhance their cost effectiveness, secure technology infrastructure against breaches, simplify network infrastructures, improve team collaboration, automate workflows and eventually deliver superior customer experiences.


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