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Working At Progatix Means


Join a flexible culture where you can choose your work routine and have the freedom to work remotely if the occasion demands it.


Our leaders instill trust across the company to unlock employee potential and driver performance.

Meaningful Choices

To make your career choice more meaningful we give you complete control over your work and your career pathway.

Our Core Values

Progatix is built on four core values, which define how we interact with our customers, employees, and other stakeholders. We constantly improve our values to develop a unique culture that elevates your personal & professional growth.

Show Empathy

At Progatix we reinforce a culture of empathy understanding the stressful nature of a software development house. We effortlessly demonstrate understanding and respect towards our team, boosting every team member’s morale.

Demonstrate Teamwork

We have tirelessly worked hard to build a fantastic culture of togetherness & belonging, integrating practices that improve team collaboration. Our distinguished culture of teamwork enables us to accomplish projects efficiently, enhance ownership & accountability, innovate faster, encourage learning, and promote resolute work relationships.

Learn From Failure

At Progatix we encourage our prolific team to fail, learning something new from every disappointment. Our rock-solid persistence facilitates our understanding of how to make solutions work, teaches us about our limitations, and enables us to be empathetic towards others who face failure.

Be Curious

From what we have learned, curiosity does not kill the cat. Our fabulous culture of being curious allows our teams to approach problems from different perspectives. By encouraging our team to be curious we instill open mindedness, improve social interactions, and optimize team creativity.

Job Opportunities

We offer our team members the ideal career pathways to complement their distinct skills. Our culture even personalizes the hiring process providing candidates’ distinguished opportunities to grow, based on their career level.


  • Create landing page copy for in-house & client websites

  • Write grammatically correct SEO content for SERPs.

  • Follow keyword guidelines when creating content.

  • Collaborate with the design, SEO, and content team to create high quality marketing copy that enriches our brand(s).

  • Create engaging marketing collateral with consistent and converting tone across all our assets.

  • Create engaging social media posts across different social platforms.

  • Contribute articles & blogs on external websites.

  • Work together with the marketing team to discover new avenues for content marketing.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Proficiency with US English.

  • Should have at least 6 months to 1 years of content experience.

  • Basic knowledge of SEO content guidelines.

  • Good attention to detail, ensuring content accuracy.

  • Good grammar skills required.

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