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  • Custom CRM Software Development Services

    Provide Outstanding Customer Services with Our Breakthrough Customer Relationship Management System

    Progatix brings together 20 prodigious years of developing intuitive CRM (customer relationship management) solutions that streamline revenue, facilitate marketing campaigns, and deliver delightful customer experiences.


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    As software technologies integrate with every aspect of business, custom CRM software is becoming a necessity for SMBs & enterprises alike to deliver personalized brand experiences. Progatix’s proficient CRM development services enable your business to permanently connect with customers, improving productivity & service efficiency.

    Our simplified customer relationship management solutions are designed with ease, convenience, and personalization in mind. Our leading CRM solutions empower your business to centralize & organize customer databases, customized for your unique business.

    Designed for cost-efficiency & customer service excellence our premium CRM software innovate, optimize and automate your business.


    End to End Performance Management of Your CRM Goals

    Our signature CRM systems fuel the success of your marketing, sales, support & customer service processes through a centralized solution. Our team is readily available to assist you through breakthrough technology focused offerings.

    Our prolific CRM consultants identify the ideal marketing, sales & customer service software to delight your customers. In addition, our CRM consulting team details a comprehensive strategy for CRM implementation services, migration, and legacy software upgrades.

    Equipped with the essential tools, technology & skills our remarkable CRM developers assist you through the development process. From developing your unique process flows, operational modules to connecting them for productivity, we will collaborate with you to build a custom CRM to elevate your customer satisfaction.

    Our expert development team audits your existing CRM’s limitations to develop a strategic migration to your new system to improve workflow efficiency, software usability, & cost efficiency of the entire organization. Through effective communication & dynamic collaboration, the Progatix development team builds your new CRM migrating data accurately.

    With a focus on accuracy and efficiency our team performs the comprehensive implementation of your customer relationship management software. From scope of work & module engineering to unique customization & integrations, we configure your new CRM for success.

    Once your unique custom business software has been deployed organization-wide, our team develops a maintenance & support plan, just for you. From minor upgrades to full digital transformations, our expert support team are there to assist you and scale your operations in real time.

    Our team stays with you to provide support for bug fixes, errors, monthly maintenance, system monitoring, and other queries. We ensure your CRM solution is performing at optimal levels while routinely checking for new upgrades to the system.

    CRM Implementation Services

    The Progatix team ensures premium CRM implementation services, ensuring your new system facilitates your team and delights your customers, operating at its peak performance levels.

    • Identify the right CRM solution for your business
    • Setup & configure CRM systems
    • Customization of CRM modules & features
    • Integration of CRM with databases
    • Training for CRM system

    CRM Requirements for Specific Industry Applications

    Empowered by our vast experience partnering with numerous business types & sizes, Progatix understands the specific CRM service requirements of different industries.

    Our custom CRM software assists healthcare organizations & professionals by speeding up communication with patients, provide secure access to patient data, schedule appointments, make payments easier, and centralizes diagnosis management.

    A secure & centralized CRM solution to provide real time support, market new products & services, effectively communicate, and manage important customer data in one place.

    An elaborate CRM system that accumulates customer data from multiple sources, creates customer loyalty programs, enables omnichannel marketing, and delivers timely notifications through a unified interface.

    Our complete manufacturing business CRM enables organizations to improve collaboration, data sharing, provides advanced process analytics, generate customized quotes, and centralizes information management enhancing decision making in real time.

    A custom CRM for personalized marketing campaigns, intelligent customer segmentation, omnichannel service delivery, and secured customer data management.

    A powerful IT process automation CRM that facilitates lead management, data centralization, communication, team collaboration, and marketing campaigns.


    Breakthrough Technologies We Use For CRM Solutions

    As a pioneer of the enterprise software industry, we offer a progressive mix of technologies to build your custom CRM software.

    Benefits of Deploying Progatix Leading CRM Solutions

    Progatix custom CRM services are built to drive business growth, create remarkable customer experiences, build resolute collaborations among teams, and create unique value across all organizational workflows.

    • Improve customer service quality & speed – Instantly respond to customer queries, service requests, and support services.
    • Enhance sales revenue – Close sales faster & smarter, upsell and cross-sell diligently with a customer focused software.
    • Retain more customers, resolve grievances quickly – Resolve issues quickly, answer questions, engage audiences to cut down those churn rates.
    • Extract comprehensive business analytics – Merge databases to extract detailed sales, customer service, quality assurance, cancellation, retention analytics and more within one dash board.
    • Optimize process efficiency & team productivity – Automate and simplify processes through leading technology integrations to improve team productivity.
    • Centralize databases & information management systems – Accumulate data from multiple sources into one central database to improve decision making accuracy, and delivering instant services.
    • A unified interface for all customer communication – Respond to customers and audiences faster through a single interface integrating multiple channels.
    • Data driven customer segmentation – Segment audiences strategically for different stages of the buyer journey for more accurate marketing.
    • Generate accurate data-driven sales forecasts – Accumulate critical data to predict sales accurately and set achievable targets.
    • Streamline team collaboration & communication – Enable faster communication and improve organization wide collaboration with connected software solutions.
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    CRM Testing Services

    Progatix offers businesses outstanding quality control and testing services to ensure CRM solutions are operating at peak levels, data management is consistent, integrations are fully functional, and security frameworks are robust.

    Our custom software testing team assures uncompromised quality via breakthrough best practices and strategic development processes.

    Our proficient team tests the various features and overall functionality of your CRM solutions, validating every aspect is working as required.

    The QA team tests the reliability of all 3rd party integrations including payment gateways, communication software etc. to assure your CRM data management, security, and interconnectivity is ideal.

    Progatix engineers rigorously test the performance on your CRM to ensure its scalability and security. From loading speed to user access, we thoroughly test the limits of your solution to assure its reliability for peak performance.

    Our dedicated QA team will conducts a complete security audit including vulnerability tests, penetration tests, and reliability testing to assure your customer data is highly secure. A complete access & authorization test is conducted to identify relevant user levels in addition to their access to personal data.

    Progatix CRM systems are design for accuracy of data and real time availability. A comprehensive database testing process enables our team to pinpoint limitations while ensuring the reliability of statistics, dash boards, menus and reports.

    To make your CRM extremely simple to use, the Progatix QA team regularly performs maintenance for bug fixes and improve the UI for convenience. Our team delivers a complete report on the CRM’s UI improvements and new features that they recommend.


    Why Choose Progatix for Your Custom CRM Project

    Progatix offers a unique selection of benefits that drive process efficiency, team productivity, and sales success.

    • 20+ years of custom software solutions including ERP, CRM & mobile software
    • A remarkable team of 100+ development, project management, business analysis, and quality assurance & testing professionals
    • Experience of building both public & private CRM solutions
    • Certified QA & testing experts
    • Certified Microsoft Gold Partners

    Progatix's CRM Testing Process

    Our testing process in built around strategic audits to ensure every aspect of your CRM is optimized and secured.

    We analyze the unique requirements and specifications of your custom CRM system to determine the ideal feature & functionalities that must be tested.

    Progatix’s testing team conducts a detailed risk analysis of the testing process to develop contingencies for preventive measures in case of errors or losses.

    A comprehensive roadmap is developed detailing the goals, scope, time needed, cost, resources, and reporting methods for the CRM test.

    We enact the testing plan, executing each step assuring the quality of the process at every stage. Using a mix of ideal tools our team completes the process with the strictest of quality standards.

    Progatix’s professional team presents a complete test audit report outlining the result of the activity, discovered issues, and their recommendations for improvement.


    SaaS CRM Software

    Our customized SaaS CRM software solutions are designed to address the growing need for progress through technology in SMBs & enterprises alike.

    Instead of hosting the CRM on local servers, our cloud based CRM solutions ensures you can manage customers, create sales pipelines, track customer buyer journeys, and streamline the entire marketing pipeline from one unified dashboard.

    Embedded with all the unique features & functionality of a locally hosted software, our SaaS CRM solutions ensure you can access the system from anywhere for real time collaboration, and information sharing.

    Features in SaaS CRM

    Compared to an in-house solution, a SaaS CRM offers additional benefits that make businesses more productive and efficient.

    Since it is a SaaS CRM, the software can be accessed through the internet without costly hardware. This also enables businesses to instantly reduce hardware installation and maintenance costs. All maintenance is conducted by the CRM provider, in addition to securing the SaaS solution.

    SaaS CRM solutions are always available, providing businesses important data and functionality without any hardware dependencies directly through and internet connection. SaaS CRM is available across multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, tablets) and different operating systems (Android, iOS, Linux, Windows).

    A SaaS CRM integrates all business functions and systems, which are always available on cloud servers. Applications can interconnect and intelligently coordinate workflows like emails, calendars, payments, contact forms, marketing campaigns, etc. in a centralized system.

    Your sales team can conveniently collaborate throughout the day, remotely speeding up the process. Customers get faster response while your entire sales team receive updates for timely decisions.

    Possibly one of the most important features of SaaS CRM services is their ability to backup data daily. Customer data is readily updated, with databases up to date sales & marketing teams can make more informed decisions.



    All Your Essential Custom CRM Software Development Questions Answered

    Using off the shelf CRM tools can be quite costly for SMBs and larger enterprises since they charge per user. The solution is primarily owned by the service provider like HubSpot or Zoho, and not by your organization.

    A customer relationship management system is an essential tool for small & medium sized businesses and corporations alike.

    CRM is a crucial software that enables you to acquire, develop, retain and serve customers better. The software allows faster communication, information sharing, and customer service for your customers. In addition, your team has the opportunity to close more sales, improve productivity, optimize ROI, decrease costs, and retain customers more effectively.

    A custom CRM solution costs depending on the features and functionality you require for your unique business processes. The more development hours and changes that are required will also affect the final price of the product.

    There is a range of benefits that businesses can extract from a custom-built CRM including

    Improved customer acquisition

    • Improved customer acquisition  

    • Higher customer retention 

    • Increased sales revenue 

    • Improved customer service quality 

    • Enhanced process efficiency  

    • Reduced sales cycles 

    • Better return on investment  

    • Decreased operation costs 

    • Improved customer service 



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