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    Progatix is a certified .NET software development company with over 20 prestigious years of custom software development experience serving across Asia, North America & Europe. With the mission to exceed expectations in delivering premium digital solutions worldwide, we build high-quality enterprise software that scale growth, automate operations, and assist organizational teams.

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    Choose The Optimal Service Delivery Model

    As your specialist .NET software development provider, we offer a unique mix of service delivery models to ensure you get the perfect solution in one place.

    All-Inclusive .NET Software Development Services

    Progatix delivers an all-inclusive service experience providing enterprises with breakthrough development, customization, testing, support, and integration. Our comprehensive service suite delivers secure, error-free, fully functional proprietary software that solves business challenges.

    .NET Software Developers Team Augmentation

    Our proficient .NET developers join your existing project teams to bolster performance and become the missing link, augmenting growth and facilitating progress.

    Specialist .NET Software Developers Team

    We allocated specialized development, testing, support, and DevOps teams to work with in-house teams for long-term & short-term projects.

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    Our .Net Software Development Services

    Progatix is a leading .NET development services provider with over 1000 custom software delivered over the last two decades. We offer a fantastic selection of services for organizations of all sizes, already powering businesses across 20+ industry verticals.

    Custom .NET Software Development

    Fully customized .NET desktop software with cross-platform web & mobile capabilities and native performance, developed to the unique needs of enterprises.

    Web Application Development using MVC Framework

    High-performance single page & progressive web applications built for quick access over the cloud.

    Custom Desktop Application Development

    Fully functional custom desktop software built for enterprise scalability, data security, and remote access.

    Cross-Platform Apps over Xamarin

    Hybrid apps built for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS from a single C# codebase with native functionality.

    API Development Using .NET Core

    Scalable & high-performance APIs for internal and external networks, ERP system integration, customer apps, restful services, microservices, and migrations.

    IoT Application Development

    Secure, scalable, & cross-platform IoT apps designed for interoperability, data sharing, and high-performance IoT synchronization.


    Our .Net Software Development Process

    Our years of experience have enabled us to fine-tune a remarkably transparent & collaborative .NET development process that accelerates development speed while ensuring premium software quality.

    A preliminary project consultancy meeting allows our business analysts to identify your core business needs & challenges that the .NET solution will address.

    Our project management team creates a strategic scope of work, assembles the team, and determines the ideal tech stack to design & develop your solution.

    As development begins, a dedicated team of .NET developers, designers & testing experts are assigned to your project. The development & design teams work together to accomplish a fully functional MVP with an appealing design.

    The testing team consistently tests your software for stability, security, reliability, and functionality.

    Your MVP is approved and integrated into your organization, followed by training. Ongoing support is offered to ensure your solution is actively adopted and easy to use.


    Benefits of Hiring .NET Software Developers from Progatix

    Hiring Progatix developers for .NET software development services provides you with excellent benefits. Our developers facilitate projects with cost efficiency, specialized skills, flexibility, professional support, and maintenance.



    Our .Net Technologies

    We offer enterprises a progressive lineup of solutions powered by cutting-edge .NET technologies.


    Benefits of Using .Net

    The most popular benefit of .NET development is its unique language interoperability. Professionals establish that .NET developers can easily use any programming language supported by the CLR or common language runtime, including C#, Visual Basic & F#. Our team conveniently selects the ideal coding language that serves the project’s needs, and with their vast expertise, our team can easily collaborate without stalling development.

    The .NET framework comes with pre-built class libraries, referred to as the Framework Class Library. Our development team uses these FCLs to accomplish routine tasks, for example, using databases and integrating security. The development team doesn’t have to create these features by themselves, saving the project significant time & cost.

    A critical benefit of .NET is its specialized built-in security features that secure business software from vulnerabilities & infiltrations. Applications built with .NET are therefore considered more secure compared to other frameworks. In addition to the above, .NET is a very scalable framework, making it an excellent choice for commercial software that needs to host a large amount of data and multiple users.

    Other Software Development Technologies We Serve

    We are the best software development company in USA with an illustrious history, a professionally certified team, and a cutting-edge process that enhances business growth through revolutionary .Net applications.


    Hire Top .Net Developers

    Our talented .NET software developers offer your projects the versatility of building solutions over various programming languages supported by the framework. Our developers are well-versed in multiple libraries & frameworks, including MVC, ASP.NET, and others.

    The great aspect of contracting Progatix for your .NET development projects is our vast experience with the framework. From signature ERP & CRM systems to complex eCommerce solutions, we have built various intuitive commercial software.

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    Reasons To Choose Us For .Net Development Services

    In addition to being a pioneer in custom software development, Progatix is a leading .NET software development company in USA. Our illustrious history of building innovative software proves our success across global vertical markets.

    • 20+ years of decorated history of developing custom software
    • 100+ team of developers, designers, and software testing professionals
    • Over 200 .NET Framework solutions delivered
    • Expertise with multiple .NET technologies & frameworks
    • Cloud services powered by Amazon Web Services
    • A highly transparent & collaborative development process
    • Leading edge security frameworks to protect your data & system
    • Proven experience working with public & private sector enterprises
    • Proficiency with over 18 other coding technologies
    • Deployed custom software solutions across 20+ industry verticals

    The Best and Most Used .Net Frameworks

    .NET offers multiple languages, frameworks, and technologies to build commercial applications with varying features, functionality & security. While some have already faded with time, others have emerged as popular choices for .NET software developers worldwide.

    .NET Core is a high-performance, lightweight, cross-platform & modular framework used to develop multiple app types, including mobile, desktop, web, cloud, IoT, machine learning, micro-services, games and more.

    ASP.NET is a powerful open-source back-end development framework designed to build dynamic & interactive websites, applications, and services.

    C# is a general-purpose complex programming language used to create secure & robust applications with the .NET framework.

    VB.NET is a simplified coding language built to develop applications with a .NET core framework.


    What is .Net and why should you choose .Net for Software Development?

    Find in document Saved 233 characters .NET is Microsoft’s open-source development platform designed to build varying software types. The framework allows coding using several languages, editors, and libraries to build world-class web, mobile, and desktop applications. Everything’s clear and polished.

    One of the most popular reasons developers choose .NET for building applications is its highly productive nature. Offering advanced language features, including generics, LINQ, unique programming, vast class libraries, and multi-lingual support, .NET software development is still preferred by professionals worldwide.

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    What makes Progatix the best .Net Software Development Company?

    Progatix has been at the forefront of custom software development since 2003. We have been able to build desktop software, mobile & web applications using more than 20 different technologies.

    We have built over 200 applications over the .NET framework for multiple platforms. One of our most popular solutions includes a financial management system developed in collaboration with a third party and an e-commerce retail app integration platform.

    Progatix hosts an outstanding team of 50+ certified .NET software developers proficient with all popular frameworks, including .NET Core, MVC, Ruby, and Xamarin. Our team is also well-versed in various database technologies, including Mongo DB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

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    All Your Essential Custom .Net Software Development Services Questions Answered

    Our business analysis team identifies that each custom .NET development project is unique, and its cost can depend on several factors. To get an exact estimate for your application, consider discussing the project with our project management & business analyst teams.

    A basic .NET software development project can take 6 to 12 months to develop. A complex project can take 8 to 24 months to accomplish, depending on its features, functionality, and required changes.

    Progatix developers have previously built ERP & CRM systems, communication apps, financial management modules, platform integration tools, games, and e-commerce apps for clients worldwide.

    Following agile management, we conduct weekly or fortnightly meetings with you to keep you updated on progress. Learn more by connecting with our business analysts today.

    Yes, we offer end-to-end migration for existing & legacy systems to the .NET framework.

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