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  • Custom Web Development Services

    World class web development services to enhance brand visibility, optimize customer experiences, and maximum return on investment

    As one of the most distinguished web development companies in the US, Progatix has established itself through an illustrious history spanning more than 20 years.


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    We Are Empowered By A Qualified Team Of Over 100 Software Developers, Engineers And Designers.

    As an end-to-end web development agency, Progatix builds for you a persistent online presence through its signature web design services. Our signature web development solutions offer your brand massive scalability while delivering your customers an appealing, responsive, and feature-rich experience.

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

    • Dell
    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
    • cherry
    • Gramdstream
    • Huwaei
    • fortinet

    Web Development Products Progatix Creates

    Established with two glorious decades of custom website development and an inspirational team of developers, we have successfully delivered over 100 enterprise websites. Operating across 25 different industries our accumulated experience has allowed us to create.

    • Comprehensive & Secure Web Portals
    • Aesthetically Appealing & Responsive Websites
    • Cutting-edge eCommerce Marketplaces & Feature Integration
    • Creative User-Focused Web Apps

    Progatix’s Leading Web Development Service Features

    A globally acclaimed web development company, Progatix offers your projects leading-edge development tools, a proficient web development team, and benchmark processes to ensure, not satisfaction, but absolute delight!

    Our expert HTML5 web development team builds end to end solutions to innovate, optimize, and automate your business. From quick loading times to full responsive interfaces, Progatix capable web development services have you covered.

    We leverage the vast customization capabilities of WordPress to develop a highly immersive design & interface for your WP projects. Powered by the knowledge of our versatile teams, we deliver top performing WordPress websites that are readily adaptable, scalable, secure, and engaging.

    Progatix’s signature enterprise solutions focus on your needs complemented by our unique experience working with large-scale enterprises. Our team has delivered multiple enterprise web development software that offers vast customization, reinforced security, improved customer engagement, and enhanced business growth.

    Progatix offers dedicated Laravel developers within its web development agency umbrella. Leveraging breakthrough industry best practices our talented team creates simple, highly secure, flexible, adaptable, scalable, and above all ‘low cost’ Laravel web-based applications that boost your profitability & customer satisfaction.


    A Premium Web Development Process … Our Promise

    Our promise as a premium web development provider does not include our vast experience and a talented roster, but also aspires to deliver a seamless development process.

    All our web development projects are scheduled to ensure convenient onboarding, time-bound planning, efficient development, and ideal deployment.

    Progatix’s professional teams follow a streamlined code of standards so you can easily follow project progress without technical jargon.

    Our collaborative company culture enables building on 20+ years of custom web development experience, ensuring you are always in the know about your project.

    Our exclusive web developer software action plans are put in place to simplify processes, reduce errors, enhance reporting, and maximize time to value for your projects.

    As a premium web development company, we place great emphasis on communication. Our team sends you routine updates on project progress, pilot tests, deadlines, and final implementations.

    Premium Full Stack Web Development Solutions

    Our premium line-up of web development services enables SMBs & enterprises to scale their businesses with fully customized feature rich websites and apps.

    • Custom Web Application Development – Optimized custom web applications designed to run independently and with your existing website.
    • Front-end Design and Development – Superior front end design & development for remarkable UI/UX personalized to the unique preferences of your audiences.
    • Back-end Development – Progatix’s back-end developers implement their reliable experiences and your unique requirements to create quality, quick, and clean code.
    • 3rd Party & New Website Integrations – Integrate new features and install important 3rd party add-ons, safely and quickly.
    • Instant Development Support – Continual support for your web development projects to ensure you grow even when we have successfully delivered.

    Our Progressive Stack of Web Development Technologies

    At Progatix, we aim to be one of the best web development companies and maintain that aim across all our offerings. Our exclusive web development expertise includes knowledge of cutting-edge coding & database technologies.

    Benefits of Working with Us

    It is our greatest honor to appear in the top web development companies near me searches across the world. That’s because our customers receive exclusive benefits

    • Detailed project analyses & digital business assessments
    • Minimize bounce rates and enhanced web user experience
    • Improve user engagement with your brand
    • Increase conversion rates with responsive and functional website designs
    • Streamline operational workflows with 3rd party integrations
    • Timely upgrades and maintenance
    • Access to a massively experience team of 100+ web developers, project managers, software engineers, designers, and business analysts.
    • An experienced web development company with service experience across more than 25 industries.
    • A proficient team of developers versed with leading app architectures and databases.
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    Why Hire Progatix as Your Dedicated Web Development Agency?

    Progatix perseveres in building custom websites & applications to enhance your brand reach, increase online traffic, add the WOW factor for your customers, and streamline your operations, inducing growth within your entire business ecosystem.

    • Agile project management for superior web design and development
    • Over 20 years’ experience developing web solutions and sites
    • Highly budget friendly web design and development costs
    • A team of 100+ professionals based around the world
    • A premium quality roster of in-house, front-end developers, business managers, UX/UI experts & designers
    • Friendly and collaborative culture
    • A celebrated history of successful web design & development projects
    • Superior quality assurance and testing before product delivery
    • Scheduled project delivery times to minimize cost outlays


    All Your Essential Custom Web Development Questions Answered

    The average cost of a web development project is highly reliant on the needs of the organization including feature, functionality, tech stack, development hours and changes required.

    Progatix is a full-service custom web development company established with a strategic planning & research process to ensure we have every aspect of the project covered.

    Our initial project planning meeting is conducted to understand your unique business challenges, brand philosophy, company culture, and products. This is later followed up by detailed competitor research of the same factors.

    Our business analysts conduct thorough target audience research to better understand the needs of your potential customers. In addition, we research through popular industry trends from around the world to determine the ideal design, tech stack, and best practices when undertaking your project.

    On average it takes the Progatix team a month to complete a basic website. This does not include quality assurance and testing.

    More complex and detailed projects take between 2 to 5 months to accomplish depending on required features, functionality and design.

    We provide you with the flexibility and freedom to make as many changes to your web development process as you require.

    Our team will instantly note the changes and provide you with regular updates when revisions are made.


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