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  • Custom SaaS Development Services

    Harness competitive edge with superior custom SaaS solutions built for operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and process simplicity.

    Technological innovation is now a building block for modern businesses. Ensuring that your business processes are streamlined and productive requires a high-tech SaaS (Software as a Service) solution to synchronize your entire operation within a single interface.


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    Progatix is an established SaaS application development company, offering custom software solutions since 2003. Facilitated by a team of highly adept developers, inspirational developments, and strategic business analysts, we offer secure & reliable software that swiftly transforms your business operations.

    Our exclusive SaaS development services enable you to manage and simplify business processes via elaborate cloud-based software efficiently. Our intuitive solutions equip businesses to grow revenue and enhance customer satisfaction instantaneously.

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    An Innovative SaaS Development Company

    Progatix prides itself on a prodigious history of twenty years with a proven portfolio of high-quality SaaS services ranging across 25 different industries. Our competitive edge comes from our prolific team of multi-talented designers, who have enabled us to create cutting-edge, user-friendly software solutions that inspire growth & deliver efficiency.

    Complemented by our highly proficient SaaS software developers and transparent processes, Progatix has created breakthrough SaaS solutions ranging from simplified collaboration tools to highly complex Enterprise Resource Planning software. Our popular SaaS services include

    What is a SaaS Product

    SaaS, also known as software as a Service, solutions are applications hosted on secured cloud servers accessible to users through a desktop client, web browser or mobile app. SaaS application developers usually manage, maintain, and secure the software. SaaS solutions are usually offered through subscription packages that provide controlled access to the software via cloud servers rather than on-site servers.

    Custom SaaS solutions can also be deployed within a hybrid ecosystem that offers businesses to host their data within in-house servers. In modern enterprises, SaaS products are becoming the ideal solution with popular providers including Slack, DropBox, Microsoft365 etc., completely revolutionizing business computing.

    An excellent benefit of SaaS services is their compatibility with almost all types & sizes of business, from startups to multinational enterprises. SaaS software can deliver instant cost-efficiencies, quicker time to value, enhanced productivity, and simplified workflows.


    SaaS Project Examples

    Some famous examples of software as service projects include ERP solutions, CRM applications, learning management systems, and cloud storage providers.


    Microsoft365 is one of the most popular cloud—powered SaaS applications being used worldwide today. The service centralizes Office features, email, cloud storage, information sharing, and collaboration tools for teams to work together cohesively.


    The QuickSimpleAccounting ERP is a leading SaaS product developed exclusively by Progatix. This cloud computing marvel allows organizations to streamline their HR, administration, accounting, payroll, taxation, logistics, inventory, and other functions through a highly customizable interface accessible through the web. The QSA ERP conveniently integrates 3rd party modules and tools to enhance organizational efficiency and productivity.

    Our Signature SaaS Development Process

    At Progatix, we have developed a strategic SaaS development process to ensure we deliver high-quality, feature-rich, and user-focused products that simplify business. Our multi-stage SaaS software development process focuses on your unique business needs rather than deploying a universal solution for every business.

    Our professional business analysis and project management teams consult with you to identify your SaaS product & guide you through the entire process timeline. Our teams will also brief you on the product development plan, establishing your value proposition and required software features.

    The project management team will develop a comprehensive project plan laying out timelines, development tools, resources, & other important aspects for building the solutions successfully.

    Aesthetics & design have a significant impact on the behaviour of online users and how they convert. Our prolific design teams persevere to deliver superior-quality UI & UX designs that delight your customers. Based on customer preference data and industry standards, our team creates SaaS product designs that meet the ideal requirements of target audiences.

    Progatix is a pioneer of custom software development, ensuring all our SaaS software is fully customizable and adaptable to trend changes. Our SaaS software developers carefully build the application architecture and code, then submit it for your approval to ensure our service meets the required standard.

    Quality assurance is significant to the entire Progatix SaaS development application team. Quality control and testing are deployed throughout the development cycle to ensure your product is fully functional, secure, bug-free, and stable across different platforms.

    We use Amazon Web Services to host your solution to ensure you have the perfect cloud platform for your premium SaaS software.

    Once successfully deployed, we will continue to support your team with any troubleshooting & support. Our process ensures your SaaS application is deployed bug-free, without errors or compatibility issues. Our team will provide routine maintenance to ensure your implementation is secure, reliable, and up to date.

    Importance of SaaS Application Development Today

    SaaS application development is a highly sought service in modern business. According to Gartner, the SaaS industry is estimated to be worth close to $195 billion, representing a third of cloud spending.

    Progatix identifies customization, cost-efficiency, transparency, accountability and scalability as the most critical factors influencing SaaS application development. Whether a startup or a large-scale enterprise, SaaS software is core to achieving cost & time savings while enhancing productivity.

    With organizations spending close to $145 billion on SaaS service development in 2022, according to Gartner, it is becoming a core aspect of any successful business.

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    Our Saas Development Programming Language Choices

    At Progatix, we have developed a strategic SaaS development process to ensure we deliver high-quality, feature-rich, and user-focused products that simplify business. Our multi-stage SaaS software development process focuses on your unique business needs rather than deploying a universal solution for every business.<

    Progatix In-House Team of Expert SaaS Developers & Engineers

    Our immensely experienced in-house SaaS developers & engineers bring together almost 50 years of custom software development. Our proficient team leverages leading tools and expert knowledge to provide you answers to complex problems, while developing a powerful SaaS product to facilitate your business.

    Our professional team of SaaS software development leaders skilled with both client & service side development are well-versed with multiple coding technologies to ensure we can deliver scalable, reliable, and secure products.


    Why Progatix

    SaaS development is a strategic process that can be costly and highly complex for businesses to choose from a pool of countless software development companies. Progatix gives you six reasons to choose us for your next SaaS project.

    • 20 years of prestigious software development experience
    • Eight years of experience developing in-house & custom SaaS products
    • Proven record of working with Azure, Node, Java, Python, PHP, and 12 other coding technologies.
    • 100+ in-house software developers & engineers
    • Vastly experienced design team to create appealing UX and UI to reflect your business branding
    • A progressive project management team experienced with SaaS, hybrid mobile apps, desktop software, and cross-platform solutions


    All Your Essential Custom SaaS Development Services Questions Answered

    Depending on the unique requirements, features, and functionality of your SaaS, a minimum viable product can be delivered within four weeks. We have new features and upgrades after 2 to 4 weeks depending on your team’s requirements.

    Yes, once your project has been delivered and implemented, our team provides elaborate support, training and maintenance to ensure your solution operates optimally.

    The source code of your SaaS solution is your property, and we deliver all documentation, statistics and code to your team once the project is delivered.

    Our immensely talented team currently deploys leading programming technologies, including

    • Java

    • Python

    • PHP

    • JavaScript

    • .NET


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