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  • Software Development Company in New York

    Progatix has quickly evolved into one of the leading software companies in New York delivering end-to-end digital transformation solutions for B2B & B2C providers.


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    Our top-tier custom software development for New York enables your business to gain a competitive edge, scale ROI, strategically achieve business goals, and above all, delight customers through fabulous value-added services.

    New York has the largest economy in the US, with a GDP surpassing $2 trillion. Fueled by the might of Wall Street & NASDAQ exchanges, the city is regarded as the world’s financial hub. Manhattan itself hosts some of the biggest financial and banking corporations situated throughout its 228 streets.

    Midtown Manhattan is also of great prominence, populated with a vast number of service sector businesses, including accountancy, banking, legal affairs, and management advisory. Madison Avenue and Silicon Alley are two other business districts well known for their concentration of advertising and technology businesses, respectively.

    Downtown Brooklyn is quickly coming up as a popular location for SMBs, with startups located in the borough for its lower costs of operations. Long Island and Downtown Flushing are also popular centers of retail and recreation, with Long Island already hosting over 7,000 businesses in diverse categories.

    New York also hosts a wide variety of universities for business, health sciences, and other disciplines. Starting from Tribeca in Lower Manhattan and all the way up to Washington Heights on Broadway, there is a concentration of schools, surrounded by attractions like the Yankee stadium, multiple Museums, and cultural centers like Chinatown.

    Progatix assists New York businesses to quicken their service delivery process, optimize cost efficiency, and make them more visible through digital innovation. Our breakthrough solutions include web development, software development, design, digital marketing services, database development, cyber security, and digital consultancy.

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

    • Dell
    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
    • cherry
    • Gramdstream
    • Huwaei
    • fortinet

    Certified Software Development Services in New York

    Progatix perseveres to become one of the top software development companies in New York, and to accomplish this herculean challenge we provide you with premium services complemented by a uniquely personalized experience.

    Remarkable modular custom software development for New York businesses designed to simplify workflows, empower teams, and minimize operational costs.

    Cloud based web apps are designed to boost business agility, enhance remote processes, empower teams, optimize customer experience, and reduce missed sales opportunities.

    Creatively designed mobile applications to enhance brand reach, increase adoption, deliver interactive services, enable multi-channel support, and inspire customers.

    Strategic planning & consultancy to prepare your business for a complete digital transformation by veteran business analysts with 2 decades of web development & software industry experience.

    Expert testing for your custom software builds & legacy systems to enhance solution reliability, security, efficiency, performance, and functionality.

    Mission driven DevOps professionals for all your development, support, maintenance, prototyping, re-engineering, and legacy system migration needs, available on demand.


    Best Software Development Company in New York To Streamline Your Business Process

    Aiming to be the best software development company in New York we have engineered a first-rate process to assure outstanding products, combined with unmatched personalized service.

    • Concept Planning & Consultancy – The Progatix project management & business analysis team conducts a detailed meeting to identify your business challenges, overview your software concepts, and define a strategic roadmap for your project.
    • UX & UI Designing - Our fabulous design team goes into ‘Da Vinci’ mode, crafting appealing UX & UI for your software.
    • Software Development - Our certified team of developers begin working on your code, developing a reliable MVP consistently testing the code, and creating advanced functionality once approved.
    • QA testing & Compliance – The Progatix testing team ensures the QA plan is enacted throughout the development, MVP, beta testing, and final deployment phases.
    • Tech Support & Software Maintenance – We provide your post deployment support and maintenance ensuring your software is performing at optimal levels at all times.

    Why Choose Progatix – An Inspiring Custom Software Development Company in New York

    Being one of the most progressive web development companies in NYC, Progatix understands the unique needs of local businesses thanks to our vast experience working within global markets.

    Our remarkable software solutions are already powering the growth engine of numerous organizations dispersed across 25+ industries. Our signature ERP system is already elevating service delivery and delivering operational excellence in schools, petrol stations, government offices, industrial units, supply chain firms, plus various other sectors.

    As an idea leader and disruptive web development company in New York, our flexible mobile applications are delighting customers, allowing businesses to add revenue streams, and delivering a truly multi-channel customer experience. When you choose us as your dedicated custom software development company in New York, we give you

    • 20+ years of prodigious software & web development experience
    • Access to a certified team of 100+ developers, designers, and project managers
    • On-demand developers with full stack, font-end and back-end proficiency
    • Expertise in more than 15 coding technologies including C++, CSS, PHP, Python, Java, Java Script, Go, Angular, React and many more
    • Dedicated teams for each development project
    • A Collaborative culture that keeps you always in the know
    • Professional software testing services 
    • Software support and maintenance – Post Deployment
    • Cost efficient solutions matched to your budget & business size
    • Amazon Web Services powered solutions
    • Microsoft Gold Partner Accreditation

    Local NYC Software Development Company

    As your local software development company Progatix hosts a mix of in-house and remote development professionals with vast expertise. Our experienced developers are proficient with over 20 coding stacks, including PHP, CSS, HTML, C & C++, Cordova, Apache, React, React Native, Python, Swift, Flutter, XCode, and many more.

    To ensure you receive more than just our development service, we have built a remarkable experience around our solutions. Leveraging tools including MS Teams, Slack, Google Meet, and others, we provide you with a local experience, even when your project team resides in remote locations.

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    Benefits Of Software Development For NYC Businesses

    Progatix software development solutions are designed with care, personalization, and dedication to assure you premium quality software & application that complement your business.

    Your custom solution is purpose-built to serve your team and the needs of your organization.

    Your software or application is designed to fulfill the core needs of your target audiences, e.g., personalization, convenience, digital engagement, etc.

    Your software is embedded with leading security infrastructures to ensure data privacy, information security, and access rules.

    Your custom software is designed with vast room for customization and easily integrates 3rd party add-ons & legacy software.

    Your highly flexible solution is designed to scale with your business, powered by the cloud.

    Your custom solution is rigorously tested by our professionals to remove bugs, errors, and other issues to ensure it’s high-quality software.


    How Much Does Software Development Cost In New York?

    The Progatix business analysis & project teams identify that a basic custom software project can cost between $10,000 and $50,000. Complex full-feature software can cost between $20,000 and $500,000 depending on various factors, including features, functionality, design, development hours, changes needed, security, stability, and others.

    For more accurate estimates, consider connecting with our amazing business advisory team today.

    Best Software Developers in New York

    Progatix hosts some of the best developers in New York, thanks to our vast experience of working with businesses all over the world. Our developers have been nurtured and trained in our culture of empathy, teamwork, learning from failures, and being curious.

    We consistently upgrade the knowledge and expertise of our team, enhancing their reentering on the job to address the changing demand of organizations. As we mentioned earlier, our team is equipped with front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers with expertise in over 20+ tech stacks.


    Our Software Development Process

    Progatix has established a fantastic software development process based on constant improvement.

    We conduct an initial consultancy to determine your core business needs & challenges and to visualize your software idea.

    The Progatix project management team formulates a detailed scope of work, providing our development, testing, and design teams a foundation to begin work.

    The design team studies competitors, your brand, and customers to create alluring UX & UI designs for your approval.

    Our development team begins to work on your project, following guided timelines and iteration schedules.

    The testing & QA team immediately begins to work as your software is being developed. The testing team constantly tests the code for errors, failures, and bugs, giving you a premium solution.

    We install & integrate your software. Our DevOps team assists you with training, support, and maintenance, ensuring the solution is fully functional for your team.

    Best Software Development Company in New York

    Progatix aims to become the best software development provider in New York. To accomplish our mission, we have established an HQ in the US with both in-house and remote professionals to assist with projects.

    Our people remain our strongest factor with a diverse team of developers, DevOps engineers, designers, testing experts, project managers, business advisors, and administrators. We have focused on creating a work culture that promotes learning & self-development, ensuring that we have a progressive team to complement our revolutionary solutions.

    Our collaborative development process is centered on your business needs, your team, and your brand. Our inspiration is generally derived from your unique brand characteristics and values. At Progatix, we enrich businesses through technology & information.


    The Potential Of Software Development In New York

    New York has immense potential when it comes to software development. Hosting a wide variety of businesses, including finance & banking, healthcare, retail, tech, etc., digital services can play a major role in accessing new audiences, enhancing team productivity, minimizing costs, and optimizing customer satisfaction.

    Some of the most popular solutions sought out by New York businesses & entrepreneurs are web applications, custom ERP & CRM solutions, mobile apps for B2B & B2C customers, and on-demand apps for service businesses.

    Other New York Software Development Industries We Serve

    Progatix has been in the software development industry for well over two decades. Our decorated portfolio features remarkable software, applications, designs, websites, and tools across 25+ industry verticals.


    What Customer Says About Our New York Software Development Services

    • Broderick Garner

      My pizza restaurant has been in the big apple for over 18 years, and it was high time I invested in a branded pizza delivery app. Progatix worked on my business website and my phone app, enabling the ordering system & menu on both. The restaurant has grown profits from more new sales, and I have also added a new rider for deliveries, reaching further locales of the city.

    • Beth Combs

      My delivery business has grown over the years, and the fleet has become unmanageable manually. I connected with Progatix online to build custom software to manage the trucks, track delivery progress, maintain delivery records, and automate ordering through the website. The fleet management system even provides a tracking system for customers, which has earned very good reviews for my business.

    • Rob Donathan

      We had a custom website and order management system designed for our cleaning services business. Progatix clearly identified our simple needs and built a minimal feature order management solution that enabled customers to quickly subscribe to our different service packages, while the website has definitely proven to catch the public eye. We have been able to reach out to corporate customers as well as our usual residential audiences, which enabled us to rank on the local Google search.


    All Your Essential NYC Custom Software Development Questions Answered

    Generally, a custom software development process depends on its features and functionality. A custom project can take between 6 to 14 months to complete depending on various factors. A minimum viable product with minimal features & functionality can be developed between 4 to 10 months.

    Custom software development depends on a number of factors including development hours, design and features needed etc.

    Yes, once your solution has been deployed in your organization our DevOps team provides thorough training, offer timely support, and routine maintenance to keep your software in optimal condition, while keeping your team up to date with all software features & functionality.

    Custom software development is the designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software of intelligent software & applications built for specific business, users, or purpose.


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