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    Progatix is a professional JavaScript development company with a prestigious portfolio of websites, custom web applications, server applications & mobile apps. We host a remarkably experienced team of certified JavaScript software developers equipped with latest tools and knowledge of building high-performance applications & websites.

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    Progatix aims to provide you with all JavaScript development services under one roof, assisting you through concept planning, development, UI & UX design, testing & QA, and post-deployment support. Our JavaScript software development services models provide three unique pathways to build premium quality solutions at the most attractive cost.

    End-to-End JavaScript Software Development Services

    Hire a complete JavaScript development team featuring JS development professionals, testing experts, designers, project managers, and DevOps engineers to facilitate your project from ideation to deployment.

    JavaScript Software Developers Team Augmentation

    Integrate our talented JavaScript developers within your existing team to use their unique experience and knowledge to craft cutting-edge digital solutions.

    Specialist JavaScript Development Team

    Contract a full-stack developer and a testing expert, led by a professional project lead to assist with specialized solutions, including coding, testing, legacy system migration, upgrades, and solution customization.

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    Our Javascript Software Development Services

    Progatix is a professional JavaScript software development company with an illustrated portfolio of websites, custom software, ERP & CRM, chat-bots, and other enterprise level applications powering organizations worldwide.

    JavaScript Web Development

    Build enterprise-level web apps and websites created for scalability, security and faster performance.

    UI & UX Design Services

    A prolific team of designers & developers assist organizations in curating premium quality front end that customers adore.

    JS Mobile App Development Services

    High-performance & fast mobile apps built for security and efficiency with customer-centric front-end design.

    Single Page Application Development

    Cloud-powered web apps built for performance, scalability, and security in combination with the latest frameworks & frontend tech.

    Server-Side Development Services

    Complex back-end servers simplified with NODE.JS and optimized for faster & higher-performance enterprise computing.

    JavaScript Support & Maintenance

    Real-time monitoring, testing, support and maintenance solutions for JavaScript software, websites, back-end, and applications.


    Our JavaScript Software Development Process

    We offer a strategically structured JavaScript development process powered by a prolific team of digital professionals. Over the years, we have constantly fine-tuned our development process to be more collaborative and transparent, led by agile project management principles.

    Progatix business advisors conduct a detailed initial consultancy that evaluates your JavaScript development needs, identifies your concepts, and determines the ideal roadmap for development.

    We assemble a dedicated team of developers, testing experts, designers, and DevOps engineers, providing them with a detailed brief about your project, which a specialist project manager monitors.

    Our talented JavaScript developers begin work on your solution(s) with the help of a design professional and QA personnel. We build several iterations of solutions and improve each version, assisted by partner feedback.

    Our top-tier testing team rigorously experiments with your code from beginning to end, ensuring the solutions are ready for real-time deployment.

    Our testing experts consistently assure the quality by testing your solution throughout the development lifecycle. Our team rigorously tests stability, functionality, security, responsiveness, and reliability.


    Benefits of Hiring Js Developers from Progatix

    Hiring our JS development professionals can be massively beneficial for all sizes of enterprises, including SMBs & large corporations. Progatix offers growth-fueling features, including high-performance front-end development, immense developer proficiency, familiarity with data integration & 3rd party API access and enhanced unit testing skills.


    Benefits of Using JavaScript

    JavaScript offers excellent advantages for enterprise software development. Stack Overflow has regularly ranked JS as a top programming language, categorizing the infrastructure as number 1 from 2013 to 2019.

    JavaScript is a popular choice for enterprise development solutions and one of the most trusted coding languages.

    Developers find it easy to start with JS, mainly because its syntax is simple and similar to C, Python, and Java.

    JavaScript is regarded as a flexible language that can be used to develop both front-end & back-end code. As a result, JS is commonly used for websites, software, server-side applications, and to create advanced frameworks, including Angular and React JS.

    Other Software Development Technologies We Serve

    We are the best software development company in USA with an illustrious history, a professionally certified team, and a cutting-edge process that enhances business growth through revolutionary JavaScript Web applications.


    Hire Top JavaScript Developers

    At Progatix, we regard our 100+ team of developers, testing experts, designers, project leads, and DevOps engineers as our competitive edge. Our team offers ready expertise with JavaScript and its different frameworks, offering businesses a one-stop solution for custom website & software development.

    Progatix follows agile project management methodologies to provide enterprises high performance & premium quality solutions. Our JavaScript development projects generally undergo SCRUM project management, but organizations can use rapid development and waterfall processes.


    Reasons To Choose Us For JavaScript Development Services

    Progatix has been at the forefront of software, mobile app, and website development since 2003. Operating across three continents, we have a prodigious portfolio of over 1000 solutions empowering businesses worldwide.

    • 2 decades of decorated history of developing custom software solutions
    • 100+ team of developers, designers, and software testing professionals
    • Dedicated JavaScript Developers
    • Agile Project Management Methodologies
    • Over 1000 software & website projects delivered
    • Certified Testing & QA Services
    • A highly transparent & collaborative development process
    • Leading edge security frameworks to protect your data & systems
    • Proven experience working with public & private sector enterprises
    • Proficiency in over 20 coding technologies

    The Best and Most Used JavaScript Frameworks

    JavaScript offers a fantastic line-up of frameworks when coupled with other technologies; here are some noteworthy mentions.

    Angular JS is a popular TypeScript-based single-page web application development framework deployed for simple enterprise and customer-facing applications.

    Vue.Js is a MVV model front-end JS framework to design engaging user interfaces and single-page web applications.

    Gatsby is an open-source static site generator that comes built-in with performance, scalability and security features.

    Next.js is Built over React. Next.js is a framework that simplifies web app development through building blocks.

    Svelte is a simplified front-end component framework designed for eye-catching web applications.

    Meteor is a full-stack JS framework built to assist with end-to-end web development.


    What is JavaScript and why should you choose JavaScript for Software Development?

    JavaScript is a popular coding language used to build advanced website features, including interactive elements like maps, scrolling videos, animated graphics, etc. JS is often termed the third layer of the development technologies, the other two being HTML and CSS.

    One of the most popular reasons businesses choose JavaScript development is its simplicity and straightforward syntax. Supported by the massive community of JS developers, enterprises can quickly discover and hire talent with full-stack expertise in the language.

    What makes Progatix the best JavaScript Software Development Company?

    Progatix is a leading JavaScript software development company in the USA with a global footprint across three continents. We have partnered with organizations in over 20 vertical markets, with a portfolio of over 1000 mission-driven commercial digital solutions.

    Apart from our corporate experience, we have assembled a phenomenally talented team of developers, designers, testing experts, project management professionals, and business consultants to offer all-inclusive digital solutions under the Progatix umbrella.

    Our experienced front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers are well-versed in a selection of leading-edge development technologies that include PHP, CSS, Python, C & C++, C#, Angular, .NET & .NET Core, React & React Native, Angular, Java, Flutter, Swift, XCode, Android Studio and many others.

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    All Your Essential Custom JavaScript Software Development Services Questions Answered

    JavaScript is a dynamic coding language used for both front-end and back-end development. For example, it is one of the most popular coding languages for creating interactive pages with animated images and videos instead of static text.

    Over the years, Progatix has built fantastic applications, including ERP systems, CRM systems, client-side web applications, server-side applications, mobile apps, chatbots, and several other commercial tools using JS.

    The cost of JavaScript development solutions depends on multiple factors, including the number of developers, development hours, tech stacks used, security required, etc. For an accurate estimate, consider discussing your project with our business advisors.

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