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  • Financial Software Development Services

    Progatix has been at the forefront of custom software development for banking and financial institutions for over a decade. From enterprise management solutions to intuitive mobile apps, we have had the privilege to work with leading banking & financial enterprises helping them build fantastic software & apps that improve brand visibility, service quality, and customer experience.


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    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

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    Digitizing Your Banking Experience

    Banks & financial institutions already use multiple software to access global markets and perform secure transactions. Banking financial software development entails performing essential baking activities via the Internet, which includes both customers & bankers.

    At Progatix, we aim to revolutionize banking & financial service administration and delivery through automation. Our banking software development solutions are designed to provide customers with a simplified banking experience and offer a data-driven administrative experience to banking & finance professionals.

    Banking and Financial Software Development Services Progatix Offers

    We are a pioneering custom software development company with two decades of outstanding experience creating transformational solutions for businesses worldwide. As one of the fastest-growing banking software development company in the USA, our goal is to revolutionize banking & financial services through value-driven software based on business intelligence and big data. Our service toolkit includes cutting-edge FinTech and baking solutions built for the modern-day enterprise.

    AI-powered & cloud-based software built for the unique needs of your professional services organization.

    High-performance, on-demand cloud-powered software accessible via the web, enhancing remote operations while simplifying workflows.

    Highly responsive & appealing native and cross-platform mobile applications to address the growing mobility needs of your professional service business.

    Our professional DevOps team seamlessly integrates your various systems, providing your business with premium interoperability of systems. Synchronize cloud-based data, CRM, financials, HR, taxation, and more into one unified dashboard.

    Our expert consultants analyze and strategize an effective testing & QA plan to ensure your software, tech stack, and automation solutions are secure, stable, reliable, and error-free.


    Technologies Our Banking and Financial Software Developers work on

    Progatix brings together an immensely talented team of 100+ front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers. Our team is extensively experienced with leading coding infrastructures & technologies, enabling us to address the demand for modern-day banking & financial services.

    Custom Banking and Financial Software Solutions

    As a leading custom financial software development company, we have had the opportunity to partner with several SMBs and large-scale institutions to develop remarkable custom banking and financial software solutions. Our prolific banking software developers are well-equipped to craft solutions with vast customization. Here are some popular custom banking software services that we can build for your unique organization.

    Centralized Banking Software

    Dynamic & scalable ERP systems powered by AI, built to facilitate human capital management, customer services, bookkeeping, taxation, project management, risk analysis and much more.

    CRM System

    Cloud based CRM software built for better customer engagement, enhance brand visibility, improve service quality & speed, and redesign the customer banking experience.

    Payment Processing Systems

    State of the art digital payment processing solutions with combined processing, gateway, and account management functionality & features.

    Mobile Banking Applications

    Intuitive mobile banking apps developed for cross-platform access to engage all customers and simplify service delivery & support.

    Digital Account Management Systems

    Highly secure digital banking customer portals developed for hybrid compatibility for web-based account management, service delivery, and support.

    Loan Management Systems

    Intuitive loan management software to automate & streamline loan servicing, portfolio reporting, customer support, loan syndication and debtor monitoring. Financial Operations Management.

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    Our Approach to Custom Financial Software Development

    At Progatix, every banking software development solution is a priority. A dedicated project lead efficiently manages all our software development digital banking projects. The approach for every project is determined during the ideation or consultancy phase when our business analysts, project managers, and founders discuss your essential requirements. With each methodology having its pros & cons, we identify your essential needs & challenges to choose the best approach for your unique software.

    Agile Development Methodology – Our proficient project managers & banking software developers commonly deploy agile methodologies when existing software needs new functions & features. Agile requires solutions to be developed in iterations (pieces) that are put together to make a complete function within software. We use a mix of methodologies, including Scrum and feature-driven development (FDD) for banking software development solutions.

    DevOps Deployment – DevOps are generally accepted practices supporting the culture of a development or software enterprise like ours. The primary goal of DevOps deployment & methodologies is to drive change within the culture that enhances interdepartmental collaboration. By combining the efforts of project planning, development, QA, and operations, DevOps seeks to develop software quicker & better.

    Waterfall Development – Progatix has historically followed waterfall methodologies, but over the last decade, as new ones emerged, we innovated our culture to adapt to what the customers need. Being a very strict model that focuses on ordered processes and unique goals, Waterfall is only chosen upon your demand. Since every phase must be fully completed before moving on, and there is no going back, we try to mix the process up with agile.

    Rapid Application Development – Rapid app development is generally used when customers are on a tight budget but need a premium-quality MVP. Developers can easily accommodate changes, and since customers have multiple changes, the product stays in rapid development despite low budgets.


    Benefits of Financial Software Development Services

    Software assistance has become essential for organizations as crucial as banks and other financial institutions. Apart from fulfilling a comprehensive set of needs in financial organizations, especially banks, banking software is critical to personalize the customer experience in our modern world. Progatix completely revolutionizes how banks and FIs deliver services, secure & share their data, and customers interact with these organizations.

    Streamline – Your Banking & Financial Operations

    Vast Automation – For Operational Excellence

    Minimize – Operational Costs

    Cloud-Based Software – To Save Hardware Cost

    Centralize – Databases & Functionality

    Secure – Transactions

    Synchronized – Client Management

    Other Industries We Serve

    Since 2003, Progatix has been honored to partner with industries from the global economy’s primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors. From industrial powerhouses to premiere professional service organizations, our remarkable ERPs, CRMs, mobile apps, and web platforms power businesses in 20+ industry verticals.


    Why Choose Progatix For Custom Financial software development?

    Progatix is one of the fastest-growing banking software development companies in the USA, with a mission to revolutionize business and bring your unique ideas to life. Our signature banking software development solutions are built to innovate your workflows by introducing convenience, flexibility, and cost efficiencies and enhancing collaboration in your business ecosystem.

    • 20+ years of decorated history of developing custom software
    • 100+ team of developers, designers, and software testing professionals
    • Cloud services powered by Amazon Web Services
    • A highly transparent & collaborative development process
    • Leading edge security frameworks to protect your data & system
    • Proven experience working with public & private sector enterprises
    • Proficiency with over 18 coding technologies
    • Deployed custom software solutions across 20+ industry verticals

    What Customer Says About Our Banking and Financial software development Services

    • Sean Laughlin

      Progatix designed the iOS & Android apps for us based on the website banking portal. The need was to integrate all existing services into a compact solution for our customers, and their developers did a magnificent job. The company has also maintained the application for the past 5 years, adding new functionality & features as our services evolved. We are consulting with Progatix to develop a peer-to-peer payment system for easy international transfers, which will also be integrated into our existing mobile apps.

    • Alex Steffen

      Our microfinance institution was using a legacy web portal and ERP, which was hindering service performance and experiencing errors after 8 years in operation. Progatix was initially hired to upgrade our legacy systems, both of which they successfully completed. We are now working on a new customized load management system which is going to be integrated with the new ERP, and a loan calculator will also be connected to the customer portal. We have had an amazing experience with the dev and support teams; my team sends their best regards.

    • Darryl Kropp

      Our branded stock trading platform was developed by Progatix, enabling our customers to access their investment portfolio, view industry-wise analyses & top-performing stocks, generate intelligence reports, and use account features through a simple interface. Great solutions, even better support.


    All Your Essential Custom Financial Software Development Services Questions Answered

    Banking & financial software is developed to facilitate the creation, management, and administration of financial products. These solutions assist with customer data and compliance with local regulations.

    Custom banking software depends on a number of factors, including development hours, design and features needed, etc.

    FinTech software offers major benefits to institutions that include automation of processes, streamlining banking & financial operations, improving customer services, reducing costs, enhancing team efficiency, improving data accuracy, and speeding up the service process.


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