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  • Custom AI Development Services

    Leading custom AI development solutions built by for your specific business needs

    Progatix AI development software delivers real-time insights that enable businesses to lower operational costs, make data-driven decisions, and automate processes intelligently. Our first-rate AI machine learning expertise, knowledge, and experience enable organizations to make accurate business forecasts, create meaningful budgets, and achieve sustainable growth.


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    We Leverage the Power of A.I. & ML to Build Groundbreaking Digital Solutions

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    Breakthrough AI Development Service

    Progatix is one of the few globally acclaimed artificial intelligence development companies with the in-house capabilities to build remarkable software powered by AI. Our inspiring AI development services are designed to induce automation in work processes, introduce vast personalization for customers, and deliver real-time business insights to relevant stakeholders. Our popular AI & machine learning services include.

    Unify business processes enabled by big data & machine learning with accurate demand & sales forecasting solutions custom developed to determine lost sales, control inventories, and increase ROI.

    A.I. embedded inventory control systems customized for every unique industry to minimize inventory levels, visualize lead management, optimize lead times, control stock losses, and simplify logistics.

    Identify multiple issues, automate & build analysis models, empower technicians, make critical replacement or repair decisions, and reduce downtimes with dynamic A.I.-powered predictive maintenance solutions supported by diagnostic data.

    Omnichannel customer service chatbots, digital agents & WhatsApp bots empowered with machine learning to personalize the customer experience and simplify staff workflows.

    Accelerate analyses & automate assessments supported by machine learning algorithms for accurate financial management with A.I. visualization tools.

    Customized A.I. modules to combine ERP & CRM data for optimizing individual customer experience through personalization, loyalty programs, and more.

    Make informed decisions, analyze data, extract business intelligence, and optimize cyber security with our custom A.I. implementations for IoT devices.

    Leverage cutting-edge natural language processing solutions for elevated customer outcomes.


    Our AI Application Development Process

    At Progatix, we follow a standardized software development process that focuses on the unique challenges & demands of your business

    A dedicated artificial intelligence consultant & business analyst conducts a preliminary meeting to determine your business challenges and required solutions. We analyze your existing database structure and tech stack to create an ideal roadmap.

    Our teams come together to create an appealing design that represents your brand identity. Beginning from low-fidelity wireframes, to mid-fidelity mockups, and completing high-fidelity prototypes, the Progatix software development team collaborates to create a creative & responsive end product.

    Our talented & certified development goes to work building your specialized software empowering it with machine learning tools and AI essentials. The testing team consistently tests the code from inception to deployment to ensure reliability and stability.

    After rigorous testing and retesting, we complete the software development lifecycle with your approval, with the product ready for real-time deployment. Our team deploys your new system with error-free functionality.

    Our remarkable DevOps engineers provide you ready support for your custom software and train your team to accommodate with digital transformation easily.

    Our Progressive Stack of AI Development Technologies

    At Progatix we aim to be one of the best AI developments companies and maintain that aim across all our offerings. Our exclusive Artificial Intelligence software development expertise includes knowledge of cutting-edge coding & database technologies.

    Top Tier AI Development Services for US Industries

    Progatix is a mission-driven AI software development company that aims to empower organizations with a strategic competitive edge through innovative business software solutions. We are a specialist machine learning development service provider assisting organizations in invigorating their operational processes through next-gen AI-integrated software.


    Why Choose Progatix for AI Development Services

    Progatix gives you an end-to-end AI & machine learning software development service. We provide your business with the right resources, tools, methodologies, and high-tech processes for a strategic competitive edge.

    Focused on our mission, we develop innovative AI-powered tools that learn as they operate. Our solutions optimize organizational efficiency by introducing top-tier automation, real-time data analysis, and machine learning systems.


    All Your Essential Custom AI Development Questions Answered

    The cost of developing depends on several factors that, include the complexity of the software, the number of developers assigned to the project, and the tech stack deployed. For an accurate estimate, connect with one of our business advisors and learn more about our AI software

    As a professional AI application development company, Progatix follows agile project management methodologies. Our collaborative culture also enhances agile methods by making it a priority to keep you regularly updated on changes and new iterations and request feedback after every loop. We integrate a number of tools, including Slack, MS Teams, Google Meet, JIRA, and others, to keep you up to date about your project.

    Yes, we have a prolific DevOps team who assist you with training, support, and maintenance after your solution is fully deployed.

    Leveraging The Expertise Of The World’s Technology Leaders.

    • Dell
    • Ubiquiti_Networks
    • MikroTik
    • Trend Micro
    • SOPHOS
    • Schneider
    • Sangfor
    • Kaspersky
    • 3M
    • Camibium
    • cherry
    • Gramdstream
    • Huwaei
    • fortinet

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