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Web Application Development Guide

The Beginner’s Guide to Web Application Development

Web Development

If you are an entrepreneur and looking forward to creating a web app? Then, you must be looking for clarity on web application development, instances of web applications, and so on. If this is the case, cheers, you are at the right place. Let’s begin!

Web application development is increasing at an extraordinary rate in our continuously varying digital environment. Users desire web applications that are substantially configurable, feature-rich, and easily available. It provides users with the personalized experience of native mobile apps with the accessibility of a web browser usability on any device to observe them. That is why numerous industries, including finance, e-commerce, and banking, highly prefer web apps.

Interesting, isn’t it? That’s a lot about web applications, and it must make one curious about the future of web application development!

So, are you all ready to learn about the types of web applications besides knowing how to build a web app and, most importantly, look into the web application development process? If yes, then read on!

This blog will provide a complete guide to web application development, including the application development for the web, the benefits of web applications for businesses, types of web applications, the decisive tech stack required for web app development, and the steps to improve a web app.

What is a Web Application?

Before we get into a web application’s definition, make sure that you are clear about the difference between a web application and a website.

A web application is a software application that operates on and offers services over the World Wide Web. It usually has a front end presenting a graphical user interface (GUI). Still, it can also have a back end, entailing numerous computer programs running in the background. The term “web application” normally refers to all browser-based applications. Web applications often share some common features and can be recognized by their observable web address at the creation of the URL (example:

A few instances of web applications are Google Apps and Microsoft 365. In the 21st century, the facet of web application development has thrived, and this is the reason why the industry has been able to nurture so rapidly; and above, it says a lot about the forthcoming web application development!

Web development has become a medium of business management used especially by those living in isolated locations. Now, let us plunge into the list of more profits one can acquire from a web application.

What is Web Application Development?

Web application development is a process of building web-based software that works on the web server utilizing client-side and server-side programming. However, this process goes past the design and coding of certain software. It reflects the business goals, legal issues, and numerous technologies to safeguard that the work done is valuable for end users and productive for businesses. Web app development denotes the designing and building of web-based applications using innovative programming languages, tools, and frameworks. Furthermore, web application development comprises various stages, such as development (programming), conceptualization, testing, and deployment (publishing), which must be done methodically. The developers also have to deliberate the best web app architecture for building your web application.

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What is a Progressive Web Application (PWA)?

PWA (Progressive Web Application) is a web app that uses service workers, manifests, and the web platform’s other features, linking progressive development to provide a remarkable user experience with native apps.

Yes! PWA development is transforming the digital realm. Businesses can produce apps that act like native ones with features such as offline access and push notifications, among others, as sustained by the progressive web app frameworks. PWA refers to a website that seems to work like a mobile app, constructed using common web technologies like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and WebAssembly.

According to Facts&Factors, universal Progressive Web Application Market share is expected to reach a CAGR value of around 34% by 2026. The predicted CAGR for the progressive web application market is about 34% from 2020 to 2026.

Progressive web application

Source: fnfresearch

You can obtain the finest combination of mobile and web with top-notch progressive web application development services.

Types of Web Applications

Before getting started with the types of web application services, you must be aware of the difference between the server-side web application, the client-side web application, and the single-page application to ensure what kind of services you need!

A client-side app operates on a user’s web browser, where server-side programs work on a server. Contrastingly to the standard practice of a web browser loading totally new pages, a single-page application enthusiastically redrafts the existing web page with new data from the webserver to interrelate with the user.

Do you want to develop your business with some new web application development services? You can get profit from the following types of web application development for your business:

Static web application

Provide steadiness in the user experience. It is ordinarily established for organizations or companies with a long-standing view.

Dynamic web application

Used for short-term data grouping and processing, i.e., Contact forms and online surveys.

E-commerce web application

Used for selling services and products online. In this application, payment management is usually the system’s part. Now, thanks to the progression of new technologies, it has made possible the creation of a fully operational e-commerce web application without buying or installing a steadfast server.

Portal web application

Used to build a web terminus collecting all the information a company or an organization offers, such as products, contact data, services available, and so on. A portal can measure a virtual making with several floors, each floor having diverse functions.

Content management system

Used to manage and control the contents of any online website, i.e., posts, surveys, articles, and so on. An administrator usually maintains the contents while the system allows editors to add new ones or upgrade the existing ones.

Single page application

Used to build applications that operate as a whole but do not include additional file downloading. It does not use any back-end technology but is vigorously downloaded and delivered as soon as needed.

Server-side web application

Used to provide server-based services and applications with functionality and features running on the server itself. This web application usually runs on one machine with its own web server, database system, etc.

Client-side web application

Used to build web applications that operate on the client side, or in other words, can run only on a user’s machine.

How Does a Web Application Work?

The usual workflow of a web application appears like this:

Step 1 – A user accesses a web app to look into the information, services, and products over a web browser or a mobile application.

Step 2 – The web server forwards the request to the suitable web application server.

Step 3 – The web application server finishes the required task, i.e., new data processing, and yields the needed results.

Step 4 – The web application server then transfers the outcomes and the requested data to the web server.

Step 5 – The user is presented with the bidden information after the web server retorts to the client (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.).

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What are the Benefits of Web Application Development?

As an entrepreneur, you will certainly wish to dig deep into web applications’ pros and cons to examine whether it is the accurate solution for your business! Additionally, you should also look into how enterprise software development can help you by making a difference in your business. Before that, let us take a glimpse at the assistance of web-based application development for your business.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The requirement for cross-platform compatibility is one of the most significant benefits of web app development. It allows a single-page application to be utilized by people irrespective of their devices, and this is exactly why many large companies choose to use it, specifically if they are aiming at a mass audience.

User Security

Web apps increase user security as no malware can access them as long as the users are associated with reliable app store websites such as Apple App Store for iOS apps and Google Play Store for Android apps.

Easy Maintenance

Web apps are quite easy to maintain, provided you have hired professional developers who know what they are doing.

Highly Deployable

From a business viewpoint, web application tools are extremely deployable and can make your company more desired by clients. Who wants to develop an app they cannot organize?

Business Agility

Web apps can aid your business in conquering the difficulties of preserving and maintaining a steady product without being able to promote it on numerous platforms.

Exceptionally Scalable

Several companies use web apps as their marketing approaches and customer support, which makes them scalable. You can save money by hiring fewer people if you have a huge customer base on web applications compared to owning multiple websites for each market section.

These are a few advantages that, as a business, you can avail from web application development. But there’s something more to it; if you want a personalized app to cater to your business demands, then enterprise application development enters the picture! Applications designing for giant enterprises personalized to their comprehensive business needs is known as enterprise app development.

How to Develop a Web Application?

The basic practice for web-based application development will stay the same, regardless of the industry or type of business the web app supports. Steps to build a web application or any other type of software often require integration between various web application programming languages and environments other than web application development platforms.

Web Application Development Process

Discovering the Purpose

Articulate a purpose for the software. The purpose of web application development is to deliver information to users in the most suitable manner possible. It’s essential to regulate what data needs to be passed on before determining how the software will function. It can range from simple facts related to the products or services to a completely novel way of data interaction.


It refers to your application’s outline, assembled by solution comprehension, and the web application’s functionality. It is essential to outline the main features and navigate new website designs while helping with the site’s functionality before considering visual design elements, such as content and color patterns.


This step will include work on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The program’s coding is finished with the industry’s most prevalent platforms, i.e., Python, PHP, and Java. The most composite steps will be produced using advanced web application frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or Django.


This software development aspect is significant to ensure the application works properly when used by users or customers. Any changes to a web application must experience manual testing by a competent software developer before being referred to the hosting company (usually an online server).


After the application has been formed, it can be launched online to the public. Professional web application developers ensure that everything is running with marginal downtime and fix any other concerns that ensue while setting up a site online.


This step is compulsory to ensure the application runs smoothly for all web users, irrespective of who they are or where they’re from. Professionals ought to maintain web applications frequently so that any rising concerns can be secured as quickly as possible.

These are the steps of building a web application that you need to follow when beginning from scratch.

If you want to know which is the best option for web app project read: Node.js vs. React.js.

What is the Cost of Web App Development?

The factor of cost is independent and entirely depends on the end-user. Every company has a diverse niche and, therefore, has diverse requirements. That’s why there’s no fixed cost that fits all, as the cost for the company depends on the business size and the web application complexity that needs to be developed. It also relies on the type of required application, that is, whether they require an online survey system, an e-commerce website, or just a basic contact form. Now that you have transparency over factors impacting the web app development cost let us pass on the comprehensive tech stack required for web app development.

Businesses predominantly favor web applications due to the benefits they offer. It has become a vital resource for most industry giants. If you’re implementing off-the-shelf apps at present to sustain or help your organization’s progression and thinking of getting upgraded by implementing web application development, consider Progatix, your reliable software partner. We at Progtaix produce apps that are custom-made to meet all of your company’s requirements. Our professionals serve with the best web app services and guide you in the best possible ways.

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